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Professional athletes are undoubtedly some of the most competitive people. They do not just demonstrate their spirit in courts or fields. But they are also driven to win on the gaming floors as well by playing casino games. You can find many professional athletes indulging in their favourite games in land-based as well as online casinos.


Let’s look at most of the sports legends who loves gambling:


Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather is the biggest gambler in Vegas strip which is his home-town as well. It is no wonder that is nickname is “Money”. His urge to gamble is evident from the fact that odds-providers make a prediction on his bets. He once tried to bet $400,000 on himself but the M Resort refused to accept his wager fearing any illegal activity. May weather as well hosted a Blackjack tournament worth $300,000 in the Bahamas. This fighter is famous for betting $100,000 per hand. You too can practice Blackjack at any reputed online casino such as the Red Spins casino and try this amazing game.


Wayne Rooney


Everton star and former legend of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is known to indulge in binge gambling at Roulette and Blackjack. It has also been reported that this athlete is not good when it comes to accepting losses. Athletes as well make use of online casino for indulging in their favourite games.        


Mario Balotelli


Mario Balotelli is one of the good-hearted gamblers one can ever encounter. This former Manchester City Football Club forward really has a soft side when it comes to sharing his fortune. He once made 25,000 pounds in a gambling den in Manchester. Soon after he left the casino, he met a homeless man outside. He made the day of the tramp by donating 1,000 pounds to him.


There are many athletes who have tried their luck indulging in games at land-based casinos as well as in online casinos. Golf player John Daly, Basketball star Michael Jordan, and former Mets player Alex Rodriguez have all been spotted in the gambling dens of Las Vegas. There is this madness that is associated with professional athletes which are made clear by psychologists who study them. Emma Vickers believes athletes possess high energy levels. They are overly optimistic and possess high IQs. This positive drive and enthusiasm as well make them successful when they try their luck at any online casino or at any land-based casino. Vickers states that professional athletes tend to remain competitive even while they are indulging in simple or friendly activities. Those who have gambled with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods agree that these professional athletes fall clearly in this category. Both these athletes have the urge to win regardless of what the situation is.


There are several players who have ended up tarnishing their reputation in the industry owing to their gambling addictions. Several athletes have incurred huge losses because of their penchants for gambling. It is also believed by conspiracy theorists that Michael Jordan’s retirement was forced because things just spiralled out of control in his life due to addiction to gambling. Gambling should be treated as a fun activity. You can indulge in any game at any reputed online casino such as Red Spins Casino ( but keep a check on what game and how much you bet.