Paisley is one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in the United Kingdom. It has incredible history, and friendly residents. If you’re ever travelling in the U.K., you’ll definitely want to stop by here. In fact, many tourists visiting nearby major cities, and even book villas to rent in Tuscany, will take the time to visit Paisley.


Paisley is one of the 5 contenders for the UK City of Culture 2017 Award. The town has a good shot at winning, and many people are rooting for it to win. If you’re not already, here’s 5 reasons why Paisley deserves to take home the crown.

Reason #1: The Uniqueness of the Paisley Pattern

There’s an entire pattern that has been named after Paisley. Surprisingly, the heritage of this pattern dates back hundreds of years, and showcases the multiculturalism of Paisley.


The Paisley pattern first appeared in Persia in 221 AD. It has a distinctive shape that is very aesthetically-pleasing, and popular among the citizens of that time. The pattern was so popular that it was printed on shawls and other types of apparel. It was even used in jewelry designs as well.

In the late 18th century, the British East India Company imported many of these clothing and jewelry pieces to UK. Unsurprisingly, the pattern was a hit, and the people of Paisley started to specialize in producing these patterns on clothing, especially silk garments. This is how the Paisley pattern has become associated with the city of Paisley.

Reason #2: The Hometown of Numerous Celebrities and Stars

Celebrities and stars are often born and raised in Paisley. The most popular and successful celebrity being singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini. He’s a multi-millionaire who has capitalized on his talents and became successful. Paolo is not shy of his Paisley origins. His constant mention of the city has put it on the map.


Another successful celebrity from Paisley is Hollywood star Gerard Butler. This handsome actor embodies the Paisley culture, and definitely represents the city well. He’s starred in popular movies like the 300, and has been highly regarded as an outstanding actor.

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Reason #3: The Undeniable Connection to Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of the most popular TV shows worldwide, and has been quickly franchised. It’s definitely worth watching. In fact, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t seen it yet.


This interesting show has a unique connection to Paisley that surprise even the most eccentric Doctor Who fans. Let’s start with the actor. David Tennant moved to Paisley when he was just a child, and made his professional acting debut there. In addition, Steven Moffat, who is the chief writer, is also from Paisley. Both talents frequently visit Paisley, and have won numerous awards there. In fact, there’s a good chance that you might run into them there.


There’s no denying that an incredible amount of talent has come from Paisley, especially in the arts industry.

Reason #4: The Presence of Numerous Historical Buildings

Paisley does not only influence current cultural trends. It has withstood time, and has had a huge influence on cultural trends and traditions in the past. In fact, Paisley town center has the most historic buildings in Scotland outside of Edinburg. Popular buildings include Paisley Abbey and Anchor Mill.


Paisley is the current Church of Scotland Protestant parish kirk. It stands right in the center of Paisley. Not only is the architectural beautiful, it is also the burial place of six High Stewards of Scotland. It also possesses the Celtic Barochan Cross, which is believed to be from the 10th century. The cross is definitely worth seeing, as it is absolutely marvelous.


If you’re ever visiting Paisley, you definitely want to visit some of these historical buildings. There are plenty of guided tours that will take you to each one. Experienced guides can give you a detailed background of each place. They’ll also be able to tell you some fun facts. Book tours ahead of time to make sure that you have a spot when you visit. Some tours fill up extremely quickly.

Reason #5: A Solid Connection to the Queen of England

The last reason why Paisley should win the UK City of Culture 2017 Award is simple. The town has a solid connection to the Queen of England through Sandy Stoddart. Sandy Stoddard is one of Scotland’s finest sculptors. In fact, he’s the Queen’s Sculptor. He sculpted the 10 feet statues of Adam Smith and David Hume, and his work is displayed in the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.


Since his home is in Paisley, you’ll also find his work displayed there as well. If you’re ever in town, you should go admire his statue of John Witherspoon. It will definitely amaze you.


There’s still a couple of days before the UK City of Culture 2017 announces who the winner is; however, many people are betting that Paisley will take home the crown. However, even if it doesn’t, there’s no denying that this city has a lot to offer. It’s definitely a unique place, with a lot of outstanding features that have put it permanently on the map.


Paisley embraces multiculturalism, and features many historic moments of its own. There’s parts of this dainty town that will feel as if it’s trapped in time, and other parts that are modernized.