10 Casino Jobs and How to Get Them

The gambling industry is arguably one of the most lucrative in the world. Only Hollywood and probably Porn are more profitable. A lot of people have become millionaires due to gambling while even more people have gone from financially secure to almost-bankrupt due to the same. However, the positives of the casino culture far outweigh the negatives by a long shot.

In light of this, a lot of people (including kids) dream of either working in a casino or owning one. If you are one of those, below is a list of the top casino jobs and where to look for them. You’re welcome.

  1. IT Expert

The increasing popularity of Internet gaming and consequent success of online casinos has changed the casino culture for good. Land casinos are now having to create online platforms to survive. Slot developers too, have to shift to online slots to remain in business. Case in point is the famous slot manufacturer, Aristocrat, renown for their superb https://free-slots-no-download.com/aristocrat/5321-buffalo/ after years of creating slots for land casinos.

Having some form of IT expertise, especially in systems development and database management will most certainly secure you a casino job – if you look hard enough, that is.

  1. Security

The type of people and the amount of money that casinos deal with require them to have well-trained and equipped security to handle imminent threats. A typical security job at a casino involves searching visitors for weapons, preventing and splitting up fights and ejecting unruly people. The good thing is, casino security jobs don’t necessarily require experience as most casinos prefer to train their security guards. After the mass shooting incident outside a Las Vegas casino, most casinos around the area are beefing up their security which means more jobs.

  1. Dancers

Gambling is normally associated with sin and high adrenaline. Since a large number of casino visitors are men, some casinos employ female dancers to pump up the excitement and hopefully get the clients to spend more while also increasing loyalty. Casino dancing jobs are generally high paying, considering that no education or prior experience is required. It also attracts more tips than any other position on the list and the working hours are quite flexible.

  1. 4. Host/Hostess

Since time immemorial, casinos have been employing host/hostess to offer complimentary services such as entertainment and free meals to their high rolling clients as a way of maintaining their loyalty. Well, the culture is still there, and thousands of casinos around the world are looking for hosts and hostesses who will add value to their brands. Whether you have a degree or not, you can easily get a hosting gig at your local casino just by having good communication skills and a professional demeanor.

  1. Valet

While most eateries and restaurants seem to be doing away with valets, their services are still essential to most casinos’ customer service strategy. The good thing about the job is that no academic background is required, just a valid driver’s license and some experience. It doesn’t matter if you just finished high school or you’re 50 years old, a valet job is one of the best and most available jobs you can get at a casino.

  1. Table games dealer

These are basically the people you get at the table when you’re playing your favorite round of blackjack or roulette. Their work is to deal out cards, exchange chips for cash prizes and just do whatever they can to make sure the ‘House’  doesn’t lose. Most casinos prefer dealers who went to dealers schools and have some experience while some are willing to train their own. Whatever the case, this is a very high paying and rewarding job.

  1. Cashier

What better way to utilize your accounting degree than being a casino cashier and simultaneously engaging in your two passions? The job will entail you to fill out boring paperwork and make sure that all accounts balance while you still get to hang out with amazing crowds. What more, the pay is guaranteed to be great since this is a technical job.

  1. Bartender

Gambling and alcohol usually go hand in hand. Similarly, the bartender in a casino needs to have a passion for gambling and some basic knowledge as well. If you meet this criterion, just look a little bit harder, and you will get a good job at an amazing casino. The pay is nothing significant, but if you know your gambling well and can relate great with the clients, you will be assured of a constant flow of tips.

  1. Human Resource Manager

Casinos, like any other business, need qualified HR managers to recruit, train, hire, and fire employees depending on the business needs. For these jobs, diploma or degrees are required as well as a basic understanding of casino operations.

  1. Customer Service Representatives

This job involves answering phone calls, replying to emails, answering questions and generally providing assistance to clients whenever they need it. A diploma/degree may be required, but it’s not necessary. It is a job you can get as long as you have great communication skills and an open mind,

Where to Find Casino Jobs

The best place to find casino jobs is at the casinos themselves. Visit your local casinos and ask for available vacancies and if you find any, apply and keep going back to check the status of your application. Persistence is key.

Another option is doing Internet job searches. There are hundreds of websites which deal specifically in listing casino jobs. Some even allow you to narrow your search to your location and expertise. Admittedly, most sites are spam and will only waste your time, and probably money. There is, however, a small number of legit sites that will prove useful in your search such as this one.