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Paisley’s Casino Problem, and Why it Isn’t One

A Short History of Paisley

The largest town in Scotland, Paisley is most well-known as the origin of the paisley pattern often seen on silk scarves and the like. The town became a recognized cornerstone of the weaving industry during the 1800s, though all of the relevant mills have been closed for almost a quarter of a decade now. But what you do not know is that the residents love a go on the slots and the traditional casino games.

Recently, Paisley has been pushing forward its bid for the 2021 UK City of Culture – since the early 1980s the town has been losing industries and, as such, jobs, and the hope is that the use of the town’s history and culture could be used to reinvigorate public interest. Plans for major renovations of the Paisley Museum are also in development.

Gambling Laws in Paisley

Being a part of the UK, Scotland’s gambling laws are those put down by the Gambling Commission, through the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. In 2005, the Gambling Act introduced major changes to the rules of gambling in the UK, with emphasis put on providing protection for those vulnerable individuals such as children and certain adults.

In 2014, the Gambling Act was amended to include as a prerequisite that any off-shore gambling companies must first obtain a license from the Gambling Commission, as well as be subject to a 15% tax on gross profits.

The Casino Scene in Paisley

There isn’t one. Although a notable portion of the historical town’s inhabitants are wont to gamble, and do often take trips to casinos, there are no actual casinos situated in Paisley itself.

The trips that the casino-goers take are often to Glasgow, where casinos are most definitely not nonexistent. Let’s take a look at some of the top casinos there that Paisley natives can visit when looking for a night – or day – of gambling.

  1. Riverboat

The Riverboat is a Glasgow classic, and simply cannot be beat. The staff are beyond friendly and helpful, the food excellent, and the casino itself is exactly what you’re looking for when you go to a casino.

  1. Merchant City

With four-and-a-half stars on TripAdvisor, Merchant City Casino is a bit more modern than the Riverboat, with updated computer system integrated with their slot machines. They have periodic events which add some nice variety to the casino aspect, too.

  1. Alea

A professional staff and expectation-shattering presentation make the Alea stand apart, and the food itself is no letdown either. The casino part of it may not be on the same level as the previous two establishments on this list, but a trip to the Alea will guarantee a good time nonetheless.

Online Casinos in Paisley

The great thing about the casino scene in Paisley is that, without even leaving the town, you have access to a fantastic online casino such as 888casino just by clicking on this link. Due to online gambling being integrated into the laws of UK gambling, the doors were opened.

It is true that Paisley itself does not have any physical casinos. But between the charming offerings of the neighboring Glasgow casino scene, and the online betting sites available in the modern era, Paisley has no shortage of casino access for those who look for it.