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How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in a Few Simple Steps

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If your bedroom is starting to become the catch-all location for clutter and mess in the home, or you walk into it and feel anything but romance, it may be time for a mini-makeover. While most people love the idea of a romantic bedroom, achieving it can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are some simple and inexpensive steps you can take to help create that romantic bedroom of your dreams.

Get Rid of the Electronics

The very first step in creating a romantic bedroom is completely free, and really quite simple. You want to be sure to remove all of the electronics that take away from the whole idea of “romance” in the space. Maybe you’ve got your tablet beside your bed so you can enjoy a selection of the best slot games each evening, perhaps you’ve got a TV placed on the dresser, or maybe you’ve got a laptop sitting on your bed at all times.

No matter the device, it’s time to move it to another spot in the house. These are all great sources of fun and entertainment, and can even be relaxing for people, but they just don’t belong in a romantic space.

Give the Bed a Makeover

Another place to make changes is with your bedding. If you’ve had the same tired linens for years, and the bed never seems to be made, it’s time to change things up. Pick lovely soft neutrals like beige, cream, soft greys, and lilac for a soft look. Another tip is to add decorative pillows in various textures. This will help give a more luxurious, almost hotel-like feel to the room. Be sure to also make the effort to make your bed each day, as this creates a more inviting space.

Remove Any and All Clutter

Now it’s time to clear the clutter. How can you create a vibe of romance when you can’t see the floor, dresser, or bed because of the clutter? Make sure that everything is put away and that the dressers stay relatively clear. This creates a sense of openness and is very inviting.

Choose a Warm Palette for the Walls

Paint is able to transform a space immediately and is guaranteed to help you create a romantic space. Opt for warm colours on the wall, such as caramel tones. You can always ask for help picking a warm neutral tone when you go to buy paint.

Add Candlelight

Of course candlelight is one of the most romantic lighting options out there, and your bedroom is the perfect space to use it. You may want to choose scented candles with soft fragrances. Once you purchase them, make sure you make a habit of lighting them and creating that beautiful atmosphere.

A Transformed Space

By using these simple steps you will be able to transform your bedroom into a beautiful, inviting, and romantic space that looks like something out of a magazine spread.