4 things you’ll need to have on you if you’re camping in the Scottish Highlands

Paisley food Festival

Scottish Highlands is one of the best places on the planet, as it offers mountains, lakes, as well as forests. But if you are planning to go to that place, you should definitely carry some food, which can help you in case you need that. It is always advisable that you carry some dry food, that weighs minimum, such that you do not become heavy for you when you are carrying it for the few days when you have visited the Scottish Highlands. There are a number of dry foods available, and you can carry any of them. Carrying dry fruits is highly advisable, as it can give you both vitamins and proteins.


Scottish Highlands is not a small place. It is a very big place, which has its extension over a few hundred kilometers, and it is not possible to move across the complete area within a single day. You should take at least a few days in order to complete your trip to the Scottish Highlands. It is not possible to know all the places and the details of Scottish Highlands, and thus, it is advisable that you always carry a map of the Scottish Highlands along with you. It will help you in case you can’t understand where to go.


Compass is a small material, which can help you to know the direction. It always points to the north, and on proper calibration, you can understand all the four directions, where you can go. Though, compass is generally used by sailors and pilots in order to determine the directions, but it can be of immense help, if you are going to a place, where you have never visited. If you are going to the Scottish Highlands, and you are lost, but you know the direction where you can survive, a Compass is inevitable, as it will help you to know which direction is safe for you.

Satellite phone

By visiting a place like Scottish Highlands, mobile network might not be available to you. In such a situation, you can get the assistance of satellite phones, we directly communicate with the satellites in order to give you mobile communication. Satellite phones work even if no mobile network is available but you cannot get features like a smart phone on your satellite phone. It can only help you to make calls to satellite communication. But make sure that using satellite phones is legal in your country.


The last but not the least is a piece of knife. The Deejo knife can seem to be something very trivial but it is actually not that. Knife is the first and the most important item in a survival kit, as it can help you in a number of ways. You never know when you feel the need of using a knife, and thus you should carry one. You can carry a small knife legally, this can be used for preparing food cutting small bits of wood for fire etc, you can have a look through these survival knives, to see which would fit your needs while camping, also to keep your knife ready to cut while in the wilderness it might be worth pairing yours with one of these top knife sharpeners.