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Look at the best fashion designers in Scotland

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If you are fond of wearing fashionable places, and you are from Scotland, you must know a number of top fashion designers in Scotland. Fashion is something, which is related or associated with your everyday life, and if you live fashion, you should worship the fashion designers, as without them, fashion is just blind. If you search for fashion designers, you can find hundreds of fashion designers, who plays an important role in developing the fashion industry. But it is not possible to mention all of them. Here are the top four fashion designers, and they also contributed a lot to the fashion industry in Scotland.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is one of the top fashion designers, whom you can find a Scotland, he came to the fashion industry or became a popular face in the Scotland fashion industry in the year 2006. He was also named the Scotty designer of the year twice. He has contributed a lot to the film industry, which eventually turned into personal life fashion of a number of people who live in Scotland. The costumes he designed has also earned popularity outside Scotland. Keeping all that in mind, he can be considered as one of the top are the best fashion designer in Scotland.

Jonathan Saunders

The next best fashion designer is Jonathan Saunders, worked with a number of the most popular faces in the fashion industry, which include British fashion Council, Vogue Fashion Fund, and and was also awarded with the Scottish fashion awards once. He graduated from Glasgow’s school of art in the year 1999, and then he attended the most popular and the prestigious Central Saint Martins, which is located in London. His work has been appreciated not only in Scotland but also in various other countries like London and New York, and his work is also seen in New York fashion weeks, which is really a prestigious show. If you are looking for cool dresses then opt for The Clothing People.

Holly Fulton

Another great icon in the world of Scottish fashion industry is Holly Fulton, who appeared in the fashion industry in the year 2007, and she is one of the most popular faces, and the most popular fashion designer among the young generation. She also got the British Fashion Council NEWGEN award in the year 2010, which is an hour given to the fashion designers for immense contribution to the young generation of the fashion industry. Apart from it she also became the Fashion Forward Winner in the year 2013, which is also a lot prestigious award.

Graeme Armour

Among other to fashion designers, who are popular in Scotland, Graeme Armour is another popular face, who has earned popularity as she stared designing dresses from the age of six, an age when people don’t know what fashion is. He stared designing dresses for Barbie, and has worked with a number of fashion icons in Scotland. He has also earned a number of awards, and contributed a lot to the Scottish film industry, as well as the Hollywood film industry. For more such people, go to Look at the best fashion designers in Scotland.