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Best places to drive in the UK

Paisley food Festival

Driving doesn’t have to be a frustrating bumper-to-bumper crawl  enduring endless stops and starts, in fact it can be rather fun. Everyone considers scenic driving routes to be based in America and eastern Europe, well if you thought that then you’re in for a surprise because here, in the UK, contains some driving routes that can rival those in America and take your breath away. It’s fair to say that the UK might be one of the most crowed places to live in Europe, but don’t let that fool you because there are ways to escape the endless traffic lights, all you need to know is where to go.  So ditch those cities and those stressful commutes and indulge yourself in these beautiful roads.

Before taking your journey, make sure you have your insurance, because these roads can prove to be rather rocky and if you find out that the date you’re taking for this trip exceeds your insurance date then don’t fret because you can find a range of short term insurance quotes at http://www.shorttermcarinsurance.org.uk/ ensuring that you are safe and covered on the roads.

Now that you are covered let’s have a look at what you are in stored for:

Kendal to Keswick

You’ll be surrounded by towering hills as your venture through this 30-mile stretch in the Lake District. This winding section of the A591 will provide you with unmatchable views of the Lakeland fells and the banks of Lake Windermere and Lake Thirlmere. The beauty of this country side has indeed inspired poets such as Wordsworth and Coleridge, and you can even take a peek at two of Wordsworth former houses en- route in the picturesque village of Grasmere.

The Northumberland Coast

The roads that wind along Northumberland’s most northerly coastal region are the perfect antidote to motorway tedium. You will honestly feel like in the world of Harry Potter once you past the castle in Alnwick, but this is the northerly point of England and looks more like a fairy-tale than something in reality, the place is filled with a number of ancient castles, as well as sandy beaches, rolling hills, rugged moorland and picture-postcard market towns. If you fancy a longer road trip, this drive is only a few hours from Scotland where you can enjoy even more UK beauty such as the vibrant town of Paisley of the vibrant atmosphere of Edinburgh

The Glens of Antrim

Another fairy-tale like environment, the Antrim coast road passes by the foot of each of the nine glens, running along coast for about 25 miles from the Black Arch near Larne to the Red Arch near Cushendall, passing through the villages of Ballygalley, Glenarm, Carnlough and Waterfoot. If that not enough for you, then this route is considered as one of the most scenic drives not only in the UK but the entire world.

Ribblehead Viaduct

In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, the B6255 is not short of impressive natural beauty, but the highlight is the most distinctive man-made road. This awe-inspiring 400-metre construction which has history as it dates back to 1870 and is listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument to satisfy those historians out there and for any of those film ‘geeks’, you’ll notice that this area was a cameo in the Harry Potter films.