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Top Sports Moments To Recap

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The year 2016 has been a countless one for the world of sports and betting. Here we are going to recreate some breathtaking moments and memories by watching back at the 10 best moments from the previous years and even recently. There is no perfect time to look back on the year that was, than as we approach to the ending climax of the year. In as much as this was a year devoid of the Olympics and other renowned international athletic competitions, it was full with unforgettable sports for sports.

This article helps shed some light on the Top 10 Best Sports Moments 2016 and beyond.

Here are some of the most unforgettable Top 10 Best Sports Moments 2016 carefully compiled by our skilled researchers.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wins His Fourth Ballon D’Or


Cristiano Ronaldo emerged as the ultimate winner in the tightly contested individual award this year. The announcement was not shocking as such, but definitely breathtaking for the supporters of this great Real Madrid forward, arguably the best ever from the prestigious club football. It was even a more breathtaking moment for those who staked their bet on Cristiano winning the prize in our Arabic Online Casino. Ronaldo was bold in form scoring 48 goals in 52 games in 2016, as well as winning the Champions League with Real Madrid and Euro 2016 with Portugal. A result which saw him pip the Likes of Messi and Antoine Griezmann to the prestigious award.

LeBron James wins his first NBA title

2016 is coming to an end but we still cannot forget when NBA superstar LeBron James led the Miami Heat to the 2012 NBA Challenge, arguably his main and after thumping Oklahoma City Thunder in the top of 7 Finals series, 4-1. Season MVP and Finals MVP Lebron put on a controlling presentation scoring 26 points, splashing out 13 supports and moving down 11 bounces in Game 5, becoming the key player since Magic Johnson to best a triple double in a finals series.

Sports betters who staked on this game made such a sum from their stakes when he won the first NBA title. We also have similar bets on our Arabic Online Casino.

Michael Phelps makes past

Michael Phelps, the great American swimmer was one portrait of motivation and strong spirit when he rose to become one of the best decorated Olympian of all period at the 2012 London Games. It is a few years down the line but worth remembering. Phelps took home his 19th medal as a portion of the winning 4×200 men’s convey them, seizing the top of most Olympic medals in a profession. He soldiered on to 3 more successes by the finale showdown of the Games. His total of 22 Olympics medals include a record of 18 gold, 8 of which all came from his remarkable Beijing promotion. It is definitely wise taking a moment or so to remember this one.

Leicester City’s 500/1 Premier League Title

It is unusual for the odds makers to even bother putting any team’s shot to eventually win a title below 100/1, this is because there is literally no point in this. Who will even bother betting any real money on such a long shot team? For those who seek some action, it has to be reasonable too. Despite all these, Leicester City, just a year after securing promotion to England’s top flight football competition, come into the season at 500/1 to win the 20-team league. Thunderously upsetting the odds which was against their favour; a year in which we saw Jamie Vardy rise from rags to riches all the way to the finish line. We saw Leicester City take down England’s most elite clubs like Manchester City and co, with no fear, no favour. Sport betting fans who were staking their cash on the Foxes surely had a lot to thank Leicester City for.

Kerri Strug’s Surprise One Footed Vault

Kerri was a gymnast who trended in the 1996 Olympics. In just her first attempt ever, Strug replaced the landing of her first effort, causing her to fall and hurt her ankle pretty bad. She then hobbled marginally to the end of the runway for her second attempt. Surprisingly, she landed the dome briefly on both feet, almost suddenly hopping onto only her good foot. She upraised her arms after her arch, saluting the judges. What a vault to remember!

Michael Jordan’s ‘the Shot’

This is for the lovers of NBA; a moment so sublime that a phrase was created for it. The shot is arguably the highest basketball player has ever made in the past, Michael Jordan’s shot is possibly one of the most affected buzzer beaters in the entire history of the sport.

New Zealand Win the Rugby World Cup

The New Zealand Rugby sevens national team won the Rugby World Cup in England in November, 2016; in addition they also became the main team to positively defend the William Webb Ellis cup and the first nation ever to claim the award for a third time. A 62-13 silencing of the France team in the quarterfinals was followed by a slim 20-18 victory over South Africa in the last four and a swift 34-17 win over Australia in the last at Twickenham. For Rugby lovers ad betters, what a tournament they witnessed.

Cathy Freeman Earns Gold Medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

Taking a glance over the shoulder at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, one major event we can’t ever forget is Cathy Freeman winning the gold medal. A time when Australians all over the world believed they group breath as Australia’s healthy golden girl cruised into first position in the women’s 400 meter sprint with apparently no energy at all. It was such a memorable moment for those who were lucky to witness this.

Rocky Marciano Retires As Heavyweight Champ Undefeated at 49-0

Rocky was undoubtedly the tough winner of the boxing world from 1952 to 1956. Marciano bragged a whooping 43 hits to his glory with a high knockout rate of 87.8%. He still remains the only heavy-duty winner in boxing history to leave having won every single fight in his specialized profession.

For those sports lover who missed in these varieties of episodes in the sporting world, worry not, a New Year promises greater things both even for the betters. Our website will be capturing every single event in terms of offering convincing odds every single da