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Build Your Own Fairy-Tale In Slovakia

Nestled in central Europe, Slovakia is a truly enchanting country that will take you back to the time when royalty ruled the world and nature was not forced to share space with concrete! It is known for its magnificent castles that are surrounded by lush expanses of greenery, and wide and dense forest areas that stretch out endlessly. A small and compact country, it is drenched in tradition and has a very rich and well-preserved folk culture. Your Slovakia itinerary planner is sure to be full to the brim in this pleasant country!

Bratislava Castle


Bratislava Castle, Slovakia, Europe by Ajale

Situated bang in the middle of the capital, Bratislava, the castle has been built on the Little Carpathians hill and is above the admirable Danube River. If you are a history enthusiast who loves to listen to ancient tales of mystery and battles, this is the perfect place for you. The castle has also been blessed with a location that offers breath-taking views of Bratislava, Austria and Hungary to the visitors. The magnificent structure had been reduced to ruins and was resurrected post 1953, which is perfect fodder for extremely interesting stories!

Trencin Castle


Trencin Castle, Slovakia, Europe by Traveltipy

This spectacular castle in the city of Trencin boasts of the rich ancient culture of the country. The place has been majorly reconstructed but still contains a lot of remains that date back to the 20th century. It is a must-see site, especially during its torchlight hours and certain festivals, which are celebrated with much pomp and show. All its palaces and various towers are a sheer delight to look at and explore, and will truly bring out the excited traveller in you!

Vratna Valley


Vratna Valley, Slovakia, Europe by Wikipedia

If you are a pure adventure junkie who loves to go on long hikes and enjoy the beauty of nature, surely head to the valley at the Mala Fatra National Park. A cable car is provided which picks you up from the valley peak and drops you below two peaks, namely, Velky Krivan and Chleb. Both these hikes last for about 5-6 hours and sightseeing involves plenty of natural waterfalls, rock formations and lush greenery – a pure feast for tired city eyes! Also, if you are daring enough, the area provides a 3-hour trek which makes you go through vicious forest areas and high water current. Give it a try!

The Tatras and Liptov


These places are perfect for family holidays where you are looking for some relaxation along with light recreational activities for the entire clan. A large number of hotels and waterparks are present in the area and all these sites boast of an extremely splendid view of the mountains. The area also has special winter resorts, which host winter skiing, among other engaging activities – a definite entry in your Slovakia travel planner.

Slovak Crast Caves

slovak crast

Slovak Crast Caves, Slovakia, Europe by Traveltipy

These caves are perfect for explorers and have been very well maintained, with well laid-out trails as well as dripstones. Each cave has its own unique feature – there are caves heavily decorated with aragonite crystal, ice and limestone. All you have to do is put your giant hat on and set out for a truly unforgettable experience.