This is an April Fools joke sorry….. :-)

Great news not long after the queen had enounced this years entries for towns with a certain criteria for them to be announced the newest Cities in Great Britain in conjunction with the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

Paisley is to be awarded city status after all, which is welcome news to the town.

The announcement came today not long after the queen read popular website after reading all about the Sma Shot cottages and the wonderful work these ladies do, and prince Charles has already visited recently.

So Paisley is no longer a town and from today onwards we shall be able to say welcome to our City.

A representative from Renfrewshire council confirmed that indeed it was a lovely week.

We thought we had been forgotten about this year but it seems not, well done to everyone involved in this bid and because we have City status Glasgow Airport will change its name in 2013 to Paisley Airport in time for the Royal National MOD arriving in the City.


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