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What’s your View on Paisley?

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People of Paisley, have your say or at least air your views on what you think should change in Paisley to help it progress into the future. We want to make it a town where new business will be welcome and to have a vibrant town centre for people to shop, socialise and attend events.

As you know Paisley on the web (www.paisley.org.uk) is always promoting the positive aspects of the town, but we see that negatives can also be turned into positives, so please be as constructive as possible in your views. If you merely say the town is rubbish and have no reason for that then your comment will be removed, if its rubbish tell us why you think so and what you would like to see done to improve it. On the flip side, if something is good tell us what’s good and what is being done well so that the good things can be built upon.

What would you like to see happen in the town? We all want more shops, we all want more people to come to the town to go into the shops, and this is a common goal. Which towns do you think have it right, or have you seen any towns that buck the trend of the recession? If you think out of the box and have a radical view that you think can change the town for the better, please let us know.

For instance:

  • The flats at Incle Street are an eyesore – they are the first thing that people see when they come into Paisley Gilmour Street Train station. The solution, knock them down and develop the land?
  • Street Furniture, should it be changed? Ideas?

Please let us know your views, keep it clean and constructive, if it’s negative then that’s fine but please have a positive outcome that we can work on.

We genuinely want to give the community a voice, please remember we are not Renfrewshire Council but we can all make a difference. Its the people that make Paisley what it is and if we have a voice and feel that we have influence, we can change it to become a great town once again.

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