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Positive Paisley Day

Good morning all you Paisley Buddies out there. Whether you are a person, a business or an organisation from Paisley you are part of a very special town. We should be proud of the positive aspects of our town and just for one day support our Positive Paisley Campaign. Support your local business, support your local organisation or give your staff from Paisley a pay rise – or something!

To take part simply download our logo and display it on your Twitter page, Facebook Page or even your blog, or draw one on your school books or annual accounts (ok maybe not the annual accounts!)








So its pretty easy just for once be proud to come from Paisley, look around you and see the beautiful buildings and think of the amazing history of our town. For once don’t think of the negatives that affect every town, be proud and be positive, be Positive about Paisley!

Join our Campaign for…

Positive Paisley Day – On twitter use the hashtag #positivepaisley and we will RT everything you say, so promote your business or promote your group.  You get the general message – Be Positive!


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