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Signature Strength

Signature Strength

Are you aspirational for Paisley? Do you want it to be a better place to live and work?

Take a minute just now and brainstorm 5 good things about where you live now – things you have enjoyed recently.

For me it would be:


  • our back court (love the trees & bushes),
  • my neighbours, family & friends (can’t beat a blether)
  • the wee Italian restaurant I had lunch in yesterday (La Trattoria, yum!)
  • the Lagoon for swimming with the kids (can’t wait to see it when it’s refurbished) and finally…
  • Barshaw Park (great free entertainment & exercise… and great for people spotting!)


For those prone to negativity, I agree, I could pick holes in everything I enjoy and focus on the litter, the cost, the time it takes to travel, the less friendly people, vandalism in the streets but what will this achieve? I’m not advocating putting blinkers on and ignoring the things that need improvement but what I am suggesting is that if we are to start anywhere, appreciating what we have is a good place to start.

Thinking about positive experiences is really important to our overall well being and motivation, we may be some way from being ready to fully pull back the stage curtains to reveal the vibrant and amazing new town that Paisley will become, but let’s start now by opening them up just a wee bit and letting a chink of light shine through….

This is true of your own life too. Are you aspirational for yourself? Do you want to be the best you can be?

The same exercise is a great way to start the day and remind yourself of the positives in your life right now – what you are thankful for? It doesn’t matter how simple or small, what does matter is that chink of light it brings to your day to remember the good things in your life right now. And, in that place of appreciation, you are in a more motivated state to work towards your goals.

What Signature Strength does is work with you to support you to become the best you, to build your confidence and belief that you can absolutely get where you want to be and then get a plan together that will break down your goals to easy, believable and manageable steps. If you are looking to improve your life or career, find a job or make a change then we can help you do just that.

One thing I always recommend is to get your own personal cheer leading team, people who will encourage and support you along the way. Positive Paisley is cheering Paisley on and Signature Strength is here to cheer you on….you are amazing. From your place of appreciation of  the good things in your life I hope you now believe in the possibilities that are open to you, so go and create a picture of the life and career you really want and go ahead and do it!


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