Johnstone has its very own Spiritualist Church right in the heart of the community in the United Services Club, 26 MacDowall St (upstairs). The Church has been running for just over a year and was formed and managed jointly by two local mediums, Jane Dawson and Genevieve Bailey.

Jane says, ‘We have been hoping to start a spiritualist meeting in this area for some time and are delighted to

have available premises. Our wish is that the weekly meeting is a friendly, welcoming place where you can come

to be re-united with your loved ones who have passed to the spirit world. We hope to provide a bridge between

the two worlds, providing evidence that life goes on after physical death and that your loved ones are only a

thought away and still love and care for those they’ve left behind’.

The church founders do much of their training with the Spiritualists National Union, the largest and most widely

recognised body for the support and advancement of spiritualism in the world. You can find out more about the SNU

and its guiding principles at

The church runs weekly from 7.15 – 8.30. The cost is £3 which includes admission to the church service, tea,

coffee and biscuits. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions or maybe receive some free spiritual

healing (subject to healers’ availability). From approx 8.50pm, there is a development circle for those who

wish to investigate or develop their spiritual side (£2 charge). The circle is open to the public on the

first Thursday of each month and closed off to regular sitters for the remaining Thursdays. The church is a

training church, whereby money coming into the church will also help support the training needs and education

for the trainees, which are the mediums of the future. The church also makes regular donations to charity and

also participate in many charity events – please see our charitable donations page for information.

 The girls have already booked many talented mediums from all over the UK. You can click on the ‘Visiting Mediums’ page for further details with dates.

 Both girls are very excited about their new venture and look forward to warmly welcoming you every Thursday at 7.15pm.

 PLEASE NOTE: The church is in the upstairs part of the building and you would therefore need to climb a flight of stairs.