The website updates have been going a rare pace, so far Ive updated a few existing items.

take for instance the gallery, it is now hosted by something me and vic had tried to do with another picture host provider in the past but it didnt seem to work for the site, I think mainly because you couldnt integrate it into the site as much as I would have liked..

So along comes flickr with what is called an api basically I can integrate it into the website and use the functionality of flickr compared to what we have had in the past on the website its night and day.

It means people can sign up for a free acount with flickr and upload their own images once done they can send me their address and I can display their pictures to the buddies amongst us.

Also I have now added the Paisley pub guide to the website, well some of it anyway as I will need to go out and take some images of the pubs “and have a wee shandy or two anyone up for it?” and update all the info on the pages…

The reason for putting it in the website will become aparent over the next few months as I am aiming to get as much content into the site as possible and make a “heres hoping” feature rich website that everyone can use and be a part of…

I must thank everyone who currently helps out with the site being answering the enquiries, which can be a thankless task sometime to taking pictures for the site.. your all appreciated…

if anyone would like to join the site to help I am now available to help get you into your role and can be contacted through the main website


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