Social Media Courses

Social Media Courses – July ‘12

This one-day course is aimed at giving people a good understanding of social media, management of social media and also the best direction for them to take their business or service forward using all forms of social media.

Basic principles of Social Media: We will begin by looking at the various social media platforms, i.e. twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc and examine each one assessing their strengths and weaknesses, tailoring the course to your own business. This will be very much a hands-on exercise, getting you signed up and started on your social media journey.

Twitter: This session really does lift the lid on twitter and looks at the many ways companies can use it: engagement, PR, brand building, selling, customer care, sales promotion and much more. We will look at how you can maximise twitter for your own gain and be comfortable with the constant stream of information that greets you. We will also show you how to take control of that stream and pick the right audience for your newly discovered social media campaign.

Business Blogging: Blogging is a word people band about but what it really means is a way for you to get news of your product or service out to your immediate audience. This gives your website fresh and constantly updated content which should bring visitors not only to your website, but coming back time and time again for more. We will show you which platforms are best for blogging or how to efficiently maximise your current website, and also how to create content, which content works and how to push it.

Photo and Video Sharing: Your website and content will simply pop to life with feature rich and exciting new content, we will show you how to gather such content and how to best present it to your customers and visitors. We will explore some of the social media websites that specialise in this content and how you can get extra interest and followers.

Facebook: This is as important if not more so than twitter, but both of them in combination is the essence of any social media campaign, whether you like Facebook or not you could increase your website traffic by 80% by using this service efficiently. We will show you how to create Pages, Groups and how to build up an audience and maximise the best possible engagement from them.

LinkedIn: Is one of the biggest Professional Networking sites in the world. So how does an organisation use it to develop new contacts, to enhance the online image of their company, to talk and engage with their peers and to advertise to specific audiences? This session will take a look at all the above, show you how to polish your company profile, create and maintain groups, discuss the benefits of plugins and explore how to use LinkedIn answers effectively.

Other Social media websites: We will also investigate other social media avenues which may or may not work with your business or service. For instance Pinterest would suit anyone who is creating clothes, manufacturing or doing something visual, this is one of several exciting new social media websites which are appearing.

Our two day course is all of the above in Day one and on Day two you will actually be building your social media presence and learning as you go along with supervision from one of our experts in Social Media with years of experience.

Please contact us if interested, nearer the time deposits will be required to secure your place as we have so far had some excellent feedback, which is prompting us to offer these courses.

Prices and times tbc