Quest 4 Talent Competition – Paisley Photographs

Quest 4 Talent Competition – Paisley Photographs

The quest 4 talent competition run by Paisley Rotary Club has been an amazing event! Some 523 photos later all 5 galleries are now complete. Its been a lot of work with late nights editing the photos but well worth it.

I can’t emphasise strongly enough just how good the acts have been. All of them! I think it takes a lot of courage to stand up there and perform as well as they did. A big congratulations to everyone for entering and also for the winners that are now through to the finals on the 20th of April at Paisley town hall.

All Paisley Photographs taken for by Alex Kyle.

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Winners for the heats include heat 1:
Jennifer Smith, Isla Campbell, Tracey Ballantyne, Talia Webb, Emily Cochrane, Bethany Paton, Ross Carswell, Aimee Griffiths, Carys Sloan and Solid Rock Academy

Winners for heat 2 include:
Jemma Stevenson, Summer Bain & Emily Middlemas, Emily Middlemas (again), Emily Cochrane, Ashleigh Burns, Declan McLeish, Hannah Leggat and Gaby Humphries

Winners for heat 3 include:
Ross Carswell, Gaelic school Violin group, Freespeach Rock Band, Five cousins, Anna Jean MacKenzie, Nadia Coia, Aiden Connell, Reuben Clark, Moilidh NicGriogair, Tom Everet, Kate Leung.

Winners for heat 4 include:
Cardonald PS Choir, Oakshaw Trinity Youth Singers, White’s Glee club, Charlene Gordon vocal Academy, Gleus, Anna Horsburgh, Anna McGrigor and Catriona McLeod

Winners for heat 5 include:
Amber Mcfee, Megan Finn, Courtney McHarg, Laura Denton, Talia Webb, Jade McCreadie, Katie O’Conner, Ava Young and Holli Burgess.

Tickets for the two finals on April the 20th are available now from paisley Arts Centre and will be held at Paisley Town Hall.

A quick mention for the proud parents and teachers. Well done. Its great to see so many kids with that level of determination, courage and talent. It shows what the local area can do.  Of course if you’d like to help support the local area why not check out or even pop into Alex Kyle’s facebook page and say hello.

Alex is selling photos in aid of raising money for the various charities that Paisley Rotary support. Click here to visit his page.

Well done everyone!

You can find out more about Quest4 Talent here.