Celia Lawson

Celia Lawson came from a family of six, her being the youngest of the four children. She has three older brothers, who all live abroad now. She was born and bred in Edinburgh

(Portobello) in 1955 at St Margarets Hospital, Edinburgh.

She attended St Margaret Girls school, then later moved to St John’s school for Girls. It was a bit of a shame for her, as it turned out that her Uncle was Headmaster, One of her Aunts was Nurse, and her other Aunt was one of the teachers. So unfortunetly for her, she had to behave herself. After school, she worked in various shops, and as a secretary in offices.

Celia met her husband Iain in 1978 at a conference in The Lorne Hotel, Glasgow and they were married, in Edinburgh 22nd July 1979. They both moved to Paisley in 1979, and lived at 20 Seedhill Road, where they had their first daughter Laura, who was born on 21st April 1981, then not long after, their second daughter, Rachel arrived, born 3rd February 1983. In 1984 with a young family in tow, they moved to Hawkhead Estate. Celia had her hands full, with her two young daughters and chose to stay at home, to look after her family. She was very handson mother. Always, taking her girls to the park, friend’s houses, the beach and helping on school trips. Celia always found time to help her husband, when he was setting up his own business which is still based in Paisley. (Pest Protection Services, est Aug 1981)

Celia joined the Scottish National Party (SNP) in 1981 and in 1992 Celia stood for the Local Council elections, formally known as Renfrew District. Celia was well known in her area. She has made many good friends, since moving to Paisley, and coming from a small estate, everyone know’s each other and their families. Another benefit for Celia, was having taken her girls to the local Playgroup, nursery, Primary school, and the Brownies. Celia and her family were well known and she was liked by many. From the start Celia, had all the criteria to be a councillor, she was caring, had a good knowledge of local issues, and had a political background. Since 1992, she has been involved in many Elections, and campaigns, and she has built up a good relationship, with her voters. She has always been known for her honesty, and that she’s very comfortable with meeting new people.

Personal Note:- from Laura (Celias oldest daughter)

Winning several elections, has been an achievement, in its self, but, my mum becoming The new Provost of Renfrewshire, has been a dream come true, not only for her, but for her family. She thoroughly LOVES her job and meeting all the different people, of all ages. She has met many interesting people, and recently, she helped organise (with Co-op Funeralcare, in Lady Lane) a service to commerate the five local winners of the Victoria Cross. Renfrewshire has the highest recipients of this award in the world, stretching from the Crimea War to the Second World war. Participants included the Elish Angiloni who’s Scotlands Lord Advocate, as well as members of four of the five families, who travelled from all parts of England and Scotland. A headstone to commerate the winners has been erected in Hawkhead . There was also a service in Piershill Cemetery in Edinburgh to commerate the first recipient Samuel Evens (Evans). Samuel didint have any family representing him at the June service, but after some detective work and help over the internet his grave was located.

One of the most interesting people my mum has met and spoken on the same platform with, is the late Benazir Bhutto. My mum was invited to have afternoon tea with her at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow. Having ‘afternoon tea’ mean’t being on a platform with her and several other dignatories. This was really a male dominated tea party and she was very surprised and flattered to be asked to speak along with Ms Bhutto and Nicola Sturgeon.
Renfrewshire is very lucky to have her but Renfrewshire has been very good to her and my family. It has given my sister and I a stable homelife, great friends and the freedom for both her and my dad to grow. Hopefully the new Administration will serve the people of Renfrewshire as well as its served it Provost and my family, Of course my mum being Provost has its downfalls (for her family) she has a better social life than her two daughters, her husband has to wait for his dinner now (shame!) and the pups, miss her baby -ing them (24 hrs a day), but we love her, so what the hell! Enjoy you time, as provost mum! x

There are going to be great changes in Renfrewshire. Its now open again for business so………………..Welcome one and all!

Laura Lawson x