The Town of Paisley

The Town of Paisley:

The earliest records of the town of Paisley which mention the growing village on the river Cart call it Passelet, Passeleth, or Passelay. In the sixteenth century we find the name Paslay or Pasley. During the eighteenth century it took the form Paisley, as we know it today.

What does it mean ? No one is quite sure. two popular suggestions are “moist pasture-land”, which certainly describes the countryside around Paisley, and “flat stones”, which could refer to the rock ledge at the Hammils.

We have gone from a predominantly farming community to that of a weaving town serving the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh and though the farms around us are still very important we fear that the rich heritage left to us by the generations before should be fought hard for.

The sections, accessed through the buttons on the right, will provide you with a good insight of what life was like in the by gone years. The Photo History will allow you to compare the town now with the town then while Rich History gives insight to the times when cars had never been heard of. My Toon, on the other hand will tell you of the recent history of the town through those who lived it.