Paisley Kelburne Cinema

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Paisley Kelburne Cinema

Paisley has a history of cinema and one of those is the last in the town the Kelburne, which is now sadly demolished (pictured below).

The Kelburne Cinema was built in 1933 and opened on the 27th November of the same year, it had a facade of marmino, a special kind of brightly coloured terrazzo, and at night it was illuminated by an extensive neon sign.

(photograph taken by Stuart Duffy)

It had a seating capacity of 1784 which included stalls and a balcony and also contained a first class lounge area and cafe.
The deep stage area was designed for a variety of entertainment, with artistes dressing rooms either side of the stage.

kelburne cinema and sherwood

The first film ever shown was ‘Heads We Go’ and featured Constance Cummings. In order to build the cinema, part of the old Barracks were vacated and the old railway bridge across Glasgow Road was removed, together with Paisley East station.

If you have any photos of the Kelburne please use our contact form to tell us and we will give you instructions on how to send them in.

Below is a slideshow from Alex Braid you can view his pictures of cinemas up and down the country in his Paisley collection there is the ABC cinema as well as some amazing shots of the Kelburne Cinema inside.

(link to Alex Braid’s collection of cinema images, image kindly allowed with the permission of Alex)

Kelburne Cinema Photographs


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