The Martyrdom of James Algie & John Park

The martyrs, James Algie and John Park, were exe-cuted at Paisley Cross, on Tuesday, February 3rd l685, for refusing to swear an oath renouncing the Covenant and accepting the King’s supremacy in all civil and religious matters. They were hanged and buried in the Gallowgreen. Later re-interred in what became Martyrs’ Parish Church graveyard.

Paisley Martyrs

A monument in their honour was erected there in 1835.

‘Here lie the corpses of James Algie and John Park, who suffered at the cross of Paisley for refusing the Oath of Abjuration, February 3, 1685.

[on reverse]

Stay, passenger, as thou goest by,
And take a look where these do lie;
Who for the love they bore to truth
Were depriv’d of their life and youth.
Tho’ laws made then caused many die,
Judges and ‘sizers were not free.
He that to them did these delate,
The greater count he hath to make.
Yet no excuse to them can be;
At ten condemn’d, at two to die.
So cruel did their rage become,
To stop their speech, caus’d beat the drum.
This may a standing witness be
‘Twixt Presbytery and Prelacy.’