James McHutchison letter

James McHutchison letter

To Mr. William McHutchison from the friends and neighbours on his leaving this country for Australia.

Respected Sir,
It is a lamentable feature in the history of our country that not withstanding its being the most wealthy in the world, that although it is second to none in civilisation and improvement, thousands of the most industrious and deserving of her sons are struggling for a base existence, and unfortunately the gloomy future presents nothing before them but poverty and starvation, looking to this Sir, we are not surprised at your desire to improve the condition of yourself and family by leaving your native home for a land where labour is more in demand, but knowing that throughout life you have ever been earnestly and honestly actuated to forward every good act, and being desirous that you may not be disappointed in your efforts It gives us much pleasure to meet to testify our respect for you as a Citizen and your worth as a man.

Naturally quiet and unobtrusive in your character it is true you have never taken a
prominent part in public matters, but privately, we know you have ever preserved
pecuniary and otherwise to promote the interest and have always manifested your
willingness to assist in forwarding the great cause of human progress.
Your services in the trade to which you belong are to us well known and
appreciated. Those uncalled for and unjustifiable reductions which have been from time
to time made on the earnings of the poor Weaver- Reductions which have been injurious
to the honest manufacturer and have reduced too many to a state of beggary, have at all
times found in you an uncompromising opponent – Your desire being to carry into
practical effect that sound Maxim in Scripture “The Labourer is worthy of his hire.”

Our admiration of your advocacy and support of these principles, has induced us
to come forward on the present occasion to wish you, your Wife and Young family a safe
journey over the perilous Ocean, to wish you all long life, happiness and prosperity in the
land of your adoption and to express our hope that you may be spared to Witness the
New World regenerate the Old.

Signed in the name of the Meeting at Paisley
this Seventh day of July Eighteen hundred
and fifty five.
John Kelly President