Paisley Bus Station

Paisley Bus Station

Should there be a Bus Station in Paisley?

There is a relevant article on George Adam MSP’s website which can be found online by going here.

Plans of the proposed development below.


Local Businessman and MSP Push for Bus Station

A local business man is determined to improve his local area by establishing a bus station. Gary Kerr, Managing Director of an asset management and engineering consultancy has drawn up plans for a bus station which will form a transport hub; with Gilmour Street train station right next door and Glasgow Airport a short bus run away.

Speaking on the idea, George said:
‘I have known Gary for a number of years and I know how much he wants to ensure that Paisley can develop in to the sort of town that can be an example to all.

‘Through Gary’s engineering experience he has developed these plans for a bus station behind the old Arnott’s site in Gauze Street.

‘The idea seems perfect for the site, delivering people right in to the heart of Paisley for shopping, hopping on a train or plane. This is exactly the sort of transport infrastructure that Paisley requires.

Speaking on the plans Gary said:
‘For the past year George has helped me to push ahead with the plans for the station. We have been talking about it to the decision makers in Renfrewshire, including the council, but eventually I decided I would have to do the ground work and draw up plans to show the idea was not only viable, but a great chance to reinvigorate the town, joining up passengers on train, bus and plane.

‘I provided my plans to the council, but progress is slow. I publicly aired the plans on twitter and was amazed by the response; I have dozens of people wanting to establish a group to develop the idea in to a reality.

‘This is just one step to getting Paisley back where it belongs, as one of Scotland’s biggest and influential towns.’
Click here for link to EPM, Mr Kerr’s business

There is a relevant article on George Adam MSP’s website which can be found online by going here.