Loyal customers are a valuable asset for any small business, but in order to grow and expand in the future, you need to attract new customers too. Attracting new customers to your local business might seem like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply understanding the best strategies and practices can help you to attract and sustain a growing customer base.


1. Improve Your Storefront


Your storefront has the potential to draw in new potential customers. The first step to improving your storefront is ensuring it’s spotless. Any graffiti or other hard-to-remove stains should be removed using the services of an industrial cleaning team. Once you have cleaned your storefront, you can then focus your attention on creating an original, eye-catching window display.


2. Create a Digital Presence


Even if your mission is to cater exclusively to local customers, you still need a business website. Without a website, your company might as well not even exist. This is because most customers will research before shopping at a physical store.


Your site should be designed to correctly represent your brand identity, which means choosing a functional, yet appropriate, aesthetic design. Use search engine optimisation practices to boost the ranking of your store for relevant target audiences.


3. Improve Your Google Ranking


When people are exploring a new location, it’s likely that they’ll turn to Google to discover businesses in the local area. Therefore, improving your ranking on Google will help connect you with potential customers.


Once your business has been optimised for Google, then your location, opening hours and reviews will show up when users are making a relevant search. You should use Google My Business to update business information, as this will enable Google users to review your business – which can act as another motivator for new customers.


4. Create a Loyalty Programme


Attracting new customers is a necessary practice, but it is equally important to retain existing customers. This is because returning customers are actually more valuable, spending an evrrage of 10 times more than a first-time customer.


Incentivise customers to return to your business by creating a loyalty programme and offering free products, discounts or exclusive sales to returning customers. Alternatively, you could create a points system where you reward a customer after their 10th purchase. You could also incentivise sustainability by rewarding customers who return packaging for refills.


5. Create an Impeccable Customer Experience


Studies have found that almost 90% of purchasing decisions are made by unconscious motivators. This means the way that a customer feels in your store will have a very big impact on whether they make a purchase and how much they spend.


You should try to create a top-quality customer experience to motivate larger purchases. Satisfied customers are more likely to tell their friends or family about the experience. This means that impeccable customer experience can act as an effective source of word-of-mouth marketing.


Looking for the perfect place to move into can be challenging. You might have several choices, but there are always pros and cons. However, after taking your time to look around, you will eventually find the right one. Here are the signs that tell you you’re in the right place.

Everything feels right

Some cities make you feel uncomfortable. They’re too disorganised and chaotic. You want to leave as soon as you arrive. However, some places make you feel comfortable. You will feel that you’re at home once you get there. If not, you will feel that way after walking a couple of blocks.

The neighbourhood is safe

Another sign that you found the perfect one is if you feel safe and the crime rate is low. People walk around even at night. The neighbours are friendly to each other. You also notice street lights all over the city. If you believe the area is secure enough, you’re at the right place. Check out houses for sale in Chelmsford if safety is your priority.

Public transportation is accessible

Most cities have terrible traffic. The only way to reach your destination quickly is through public transportation. You will feel comfortable in a city with accessible public transportation. Even if you want to drive, you should still have that option to take accessible public transport.


Key areas are nearby

Another reason to choose a city is if it has everything you need. Remember that not all cities are big or have the essential establishments. If you can access hospitals, department stores, pharmacies, schools, and your workplace, you won’t have a problem.

You have opportunities to socialise

You choose to live in the city because you want to socialise. It’s easier to be with other people and have fun. Look for cities where some clubs and organisations share your interests and hobbies. Whether you’re alone or with family, you need to socialise outside your home. If you already know people who reside in the city, it’s easier to adjust upon arrival.

The economy is doing well

Check the city’s economy and see if it’s doing well. Read the projections too. You don’t want to relocate to a city with an economy in decline. The cost of living will go high, and real estate value will go low. Determine if the city has population growth over the years. If the number keeps dwindling, it’s a bad sign. People are moving out for several reasons, and you will regret living there.

Take your time

You should consider different standards before deciding to move to a new city. If you’re also going to bring your family with you, think about what they want too. You can even ask your family to help you decide where to move. They might have excellent suggestions. Don’t rush the process since your choice will change your life. Find the perfect city that will make you happy and content, and then you can start thinking about relocating in no time.


When everyone gets together, gathered around the kitchen table, the quality of time spent there will improve with comfortable, sturdy furnishings. It doesn’t matter if you are eating, playing games, or just chatting; you might have put off getting a new dining room set for a while, but there has never been a website like this. Go Deal Now: You’ll wonder why you didn’t start looking sooner. A dining room set holds the kitchen and dining areas together like nothing else, so make sure it’s not just comfortable but something you want dominating the middle of the house, too.


The next time you all get together, make sure the centerpiece of the space is not just pleasing to the eye but the body and spirit, too. New, coordinated tables and chairs will redefine the dining room, drawing attention away from the kitchen, where parties and intimate gatherings all seem to congregate, anyway, and redirect it—creating the intimate dinner party you’ve always wanted. Take advantage of the Cozy Kitchen phenomena and give folks a comfortable, stylish place to sit at every gathering. Elbows off the table or put your feet up; modern standards of decorum are up to the homemaker, just like styles and colors.


We might agonize over fashion and trends when picking clothes out, buying a new car, or even when we paint the house. But the interior is all yours, a sanctuary from the pummeling forces of daily living. The dining room should be recharging, reinvigorating, and even renewing; why not totally reinvent the space if you’re not thrilled with it? Make mealtime special every day. You have thousands to choose from now, and with the robust data mining features the website above uses, so you can slim those down to a dozen or so perfect matches or page through hundreds and hundreds until your ideal set jumps out at you. Make selecting new dining room furnishings fun, exciting, and easy with limitless choices.


Nowadays, there’s just no need to drive all over town looking for something you like the most when you can page through precisely the styles and colors you want to find a set you love? A must-have for those of us with a strong, unique sense of personal style and a boon even for the more traditionally minded looking for something just right. Once you shop from a selection of thousands, it can make the limitations of a brick-and-mortar store starkly apparent. Don’t sweat bargain shopping, either: the site above has a low-price guarantee, too.


So, make sure the parties you host are fabulous ones, or just feather your nest so the next time you roost, it is in as much comfort as possible. Now, your hearth is as welcoming as it’s ever been, and both you and your guests are living in luxury and only you know you didn’t break the bank to get here!     







Glasgow Airport exterior

Such is the devastating impact of the pandemic on the industry, in normal circumstances we’d never be able to do something like this on what is a busy airfield.

More importantly, Glasgow Airport alone has lost a third of its workforce across the 100 + companies that make up our campus (6000 people down to 4000).


Aviation is not just about holidays. We’re an island nation that aviation plays an important role in connecting Scotland with the rest of the world – whether for importing or exporting of goods, people doing business, in-bound tourism or reconnecting people with loved ones who live abroad.

Today Glasgow Airport will welcome approximately 3,000 people mostly travelling on domestic routes. During the same day in 2019 it would welcome over 34,000.

Throughout the pandemic our airports have stayed open at a loss of £3m per month to support lifeline services including:

    • flights to the Scottish Islands
    • Air ambulance operations
    • Vital PPE and medical supply deliveries
    • Critical domestic and international connectivity used by key workers and crucial sectors such as oil and gas
    • Military flights
Ha Ha Funny Polis EP cover

A FILM about the legendary Paisley punk scene is being premiered on Renfrewshire Leisure’s online TV channel.

The late 1970s and early 80s saw an explosion of the punk culture and music scene in the town after Glasgow banned punk bands from playing in the city.

paisley punks

This meant some of the best-known punk bands in the country along with emerging groups from the Paisley area played regular gigs at both The Bungalow Bar and the Silver Thread Hotel.

Now this amazing period when punk exploded on to the psyche of young people has been captured on film by Paisley’s Brick Lane Media.

Defiant Pose and fans

The documentary film – Paisley Punks: The Story of the Paisley Punk Scene Late 1970s to Early 1980s – was made with the support of Renfrewshire Leisure and Creative Scotland.

It will be first seen on the Ren TV Channel at 7pm, on Friday, June 25 and then at latest incarnation of The Bungalow Bar, now in Shuttle Street, Paisley, which will also be screening the movie.

Punk began in London 45 years ago and quickly caught the imagination of youth looking for an outlet to protest against the Establishment and Paisley became the centre of punk culture in Scotland.

gerry atrick

For the first time a documentary film charts this phenomenon and interviews many of the people involved in the punk scene in the town during this period.

Alan McEwan of Brick Lane Media says “This story is an amazing part of Paisley’s music heritage and has led, in many ways, to the vibrant music scene we see in the town today.

“Many well-known artists such as The Fall, Q Tips and Altered Images played in Paisley.”

Ha Ha Funny Polis EP cover

“With the ban on punk gigs by Glasgow City Council, big name artists struggled to find suitable venues to play.

“However, only 11 miles down the road, Scotland’s largest town offered an alternative in venues such as The Bungalow and the Silver Thread Hotel.

“Paisley soon became the centre of the universe for punk in Scotland.

“The punk movement put Paisley on the touring map for some of the biggest names in the music industry and it also provided opportunities for grassroots acts to support these bands and learn their trade.”

Janis Marshall Reilly, Renfrewshire Leisure’s Performance Programmer said: “Paisley played a crucial role in the development of punk music and culture in Scotland.

“It was a revolutionary time in the music industry and arguably in society and like many times before in its history, the town showed its radical side.

“The Paisley Punks film is a fantastic insight into an important part of the town’s social history and well worth viewing.”

Go to to watch the film on the Ren TV online channel.


It is much better for the Parimatch bettor to place bets that will increase the ROI rather than bets that have a high probability. Let’s look at a clear example.

Low bet are worse in a long run

The odds reflect the bookmaker’s view on the probability of an event occurring. These numbers can also help you determine how much your total will increase if you bet on that outcome. Let’s say a person has found sport bets with around 75-85% probability and makes a bet. Then he finds one more such option and bets again. After hundreds of such bets, he will face the fact that he is in the red. Why? Because it all depends on the odds.

If you place a bet on an event with high probability, on Parimatch Canada you will be in profit in the long run. This is not the case when the odds are very low, for example, down to 1.25. Let’s see why that is the case.

If you place 1000 bets with odds 1.2, which have 80% chance of winning (mathematically 20% will lose):

  • (800 bets played) * (odds 1.2) = 960 – 800 = 160.
  • As we lost 200 bets (the same 20%), we get the following: 160 – 200 = -40 (or -4% in ROI).

As you can see, even if you win 4/5 out of all bets, you are still going to lose money betting on sport. So, let’s see what is going to happen if you bet on a higher coefficient.

Positive Parimatch Canada ROI

The breakeven point for Parimatch Canada is 1.25. In this case, by making 1000 bets with an 80% probability of passage, we will get 200 in plus and lose 200 accordingly — in simple words, we will come to zero.

So, if we place a bet with 1.26, we are in the plus position at the distance, because we would get +208 for 1,000 bets, and would only lose -200. In that case, a bet with a 1.26 and an 80% chance of winning would be a bet with a positive mathematical expectation.

That is why in order to be successful at the distance you need to develop a model to follow. To do this you need to calculate the probability of teams winning on Parimatch beting site, what the total of goals is, etc. Then, having determined the probability of such events, you need to substitute them with the odds offered by the bookmakers and see if you end up with a positive ROI after betting on such an event.


A positive ROI is not always a measure of success on Parimatch. A positive ROI shows a positive expectation from a bet, in other cases, over a long distance, it may indicate that the player has only continually bet on matches with a high ROI while missing out on many profitable bets.

Buying predictions from people claiming to be a ‘capper is more often than not a scam. The market you place your bets on is very important – you must understand that if you place big bets, but with a ROI of one or two percent, you can earn more than if you place bets with a low bankroll, but with a ROI of around 5 percent. So long-range ROI is not an absolute indicator to judge whether or not a bettor is a professional trader.

It is never a good idea to chase a high return on sport bets. You have to analyse carefully, check the bookmakers’ odds, and compare what the expectation of the bet will be in the long run.


ReMode on Paisley High Street are delighted to announce that they are restarting their popular Meddle & Mend workshops – sessions that are open for all to come along and learn skills in garment repair and upcycling.

The first session is on Monday 12th July 7pm-9pm and the workshops will continue regularly throughout the year on the second Monday in each month.


Do you have a garment lurking at the back of your wardrobe that just a little tlc to bring it back to life? ReMode can help!  With everything from sewing on a button to taking up a hem, adjusting a waistband or fixing a zip, this informal and practical hands-on workshop will show you how to fix your clothes and save them from landfill.

Just bring along the garment you want to work on.  All other materials and equipment will be provided.  No experience necessary.

ReMode’s project manager Jane Dixon said “We’re really excited to be back!  This is the first time we’ve been able run sessions for the public since March last year.  We know that lots of people have rekindled their love of sewing over the last year – or even taken it up for the first time.  These workshops are perfect if you’re wanting a bit of face to face help with a project you’re working on, or if you want a few pointers on how to get started on repairs and mending.”  


With a few simple adjustments ReMode transform their shop into a spacious workshop which allows plenty of room for social distancing.  Numbers are currently restricted due to Covid regulations so booking is essential.  . There’s a small booking fee of £3.50 per session to secure a place.  Masks must be worn throughout the session.

This workshop is open to all.  Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.
 For more information about ReMode see their website
turkey airlines

Corendon Airlines to launch services to Antalya and Dalaman, Turkey, from Glasgow for Summer 2022


Commencing April 2022 long-established Corendon Airlines will make its debut in Scotland at Glasgow Airport. 

turkey airlines

On offer will be direct routes to two of Turkey’s most popular holiday hotspots – Antalya and Dalaman. 


  • Antalya will be served twice weekly from Glasgow on Mondays and Fridays  
  • Dalaman will also operate twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays  


The new services will be operated by Corendon’s fleet of modern, fuel-efficient Boeing 737-800 aircraft.


Matt Hazelwood, Group Commercial Director for AGS Airports Ltd, which owns Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer additional capacity to one of our most popular destinations at the same time as welcoming a new airline partner to Glasgow Airport. 


“The new flights to Antalya offer more choice to reach resorts such as Alanya, Side or Belek, while Dalaman opens up renowned resorts such as Marmaris or the picture postcard resort of Oludeniz.”


The addition of the Corendon Airlines Antalya and Dalaman flights is a welcome boost for Scottish travellers looking to plan ahead for their 2022 escape. This new agreement will provide close to 50,000 seats between Scotland and Turkey for 2022. 


Mine Aslan, Commercial Director at Corendon Airlines, said: “We are very excited to expand our flight network with new routes. We have continued to see demand increasing to Antalya and Dalaman from the UK despite the current challenges faced by our industry. 


“There are many British customers who own properties in Turkey and are looking to stay longer than a typical seven or 14-night holiday. Our new schedule will now cater for this increasing demand. 

“In Summer 2022, we will start our Glasgow operations offering approximately 50,000 seats to Antalya and Dalaman. Our aim in this market is to meet the increased demand for Turkey destinations in the forthcoming seasons as well as to expand to other Mediterranean destinations on the Corendon network.”


Tickets are available to book now at or via local travel agents. 



Coronavirus, overwhelming quarantine, and self-isolation in almost all countries of the world have led to shifts in the global gambling market, including its online segment. A lot has changed, and many operators have tried (and are still trying) to adjust their business to the new realities. All this has caused the gradual development of the niche. According to the iGaming Business portal, when the coronavirus epidemic swept almost the entire world and many sports events were stopped in March 2020, the new era of the global online gambling market has begun.


It is when an interesting trend has emerged: the number of players in online casinos has begun to grow every week, and it is still increasing day by day. Thus, in March, the volume of the average deposit at online casinos in the world increased by 3% compared to February 2020. Besides that, people began to use smartphones for betting more often than computers. Therefore, online gambling operators were forced to revisit their casino environments and make them mobile-friendly. 


At the same time, there has not yet been a significant transition of players from offline casinos to online gambling platforms. However, the situation will change soon. According to H2 Gambling Capital, the coronavirus epidemic has led to a significant drop in the volume of the global gambling market. Their forecast for the development of the situation in 2021-2022 is that the market will fall by at least 1% in relation to 2019.

The Future of Casinos After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Seeing the current situation and its development, experts agreed that the coming years would make online casinos even more popular, thus, reducing the relevance of land-based clubs. Although gambling websites will grow in popularity, after reducing the risk of coronavirus infection, the gambling market is expected to return to its “traditional look and feel.”


The period from 2021 to 2023 will also be actively used by large gambling brands. How the emerging competition will affect the players? Since dozens of online gambling operators are currently on the web, they all will try to attract the audience and retain their regular customers. Therefore, players can count on the following incentives and will be able to choose the most attractive offers:


  • Registration bonuses, cashback, and other promotional offers will become more profitable. Promotions will be actively used by online casinos to attract new users;
  • Expansion of virtual halls will bring more slot machines, live games, and other quality gambling content;
  • The frequency of tournaments will increase. Audience growth will contribute to the improvement of gambling interactivity for maintaining interest in the game.


All in all, in the fight for new customers, online casinos will offer great incentives to players and will make their service even better. And your mission would be to find a trusted online gambling operator. This is where will do a great service to you. Check the site to know about the best casino bonuses, gambling games, and professional online gambling operators. 

Final Say!

As you can see, the active development of the gambling business during a pandemic is associated with many factors. But whatever the reason, it is important to understand that playing at an online casino can be a source of positive emotions and good income only if approached responsibly. Therefore, become a customer of trusted and time-proven online casinos.


A new school holiday campaign being launched today is urging everyone in Renfrewshire to be alert for any signs of child abuse or neglect over the summer the months.


As Renfrewshire schools prepare to ring the end of term bell on Friday 25 June, the For Kids’ Sake… campaign urges everyone in Renfrewshire to enjoy plenty of summertime fun time with extended family and friends after months of pandemic restrictions.

But Renfrewshire Child Protection Committee’s Chair John Paterson wants people to remember some children will have had a very difficult time in recent months.

He said: “Most children and young people in Renfrewshire are really looking forward to having sleepovers, day trips, staycations and time with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and family friends in the school break.

“Sadly, some of those children will have been through a rough time during the pandemic. It’s only now we are beginning to spend significant time with children we’ve seen very little of during lockdown months, and it’s only now that we might notice or sense that something is wrong.”

In the For Kids’ Sake… campaign, RCPC stresses everyone can play a part to keep children safe. Paying attention and noticing signs a child has been abused or neglected is critical, as is taking action to get some support for that child or children.

And John stresses it’s essential to do something if you’re concerned about a child’s wellbeing over the school holidays.

He said: “We’re simply asking people in Renfrewshire to be alert for clues that harm has happened. Children can take a long time to say anything if they’ve experienced abuse or neglect, but you can listen carefully, look out for signs or pay attention to signals that there’s a problem.

“If your gut tells you something is wrong, it’s important not to ignore it. By raising your concerns you might help something worse from happening to a child you know.”

“It’s always better to say something than do nothing. You shouldn’t ignore signs that something is wrong. Get help and support by contacting Renfrewshire Council’s social work department. Or, if you think a child is in immediate danger, call the police right away.”

aesthetic suites

Price list and treatment list:

Wrinkle relaxing treatments
2 areas £180
3 areas £220
aesthetic suites
Lip fillers
1/2 ml £140
1 ml £180
Dermal fillers
Nasolabial folds £220
Marionette lines £220
Cheek contouring £230
Jawline contouring £250 – £300
Skin care
Glycolic chemical peel 40% £40
Glycolic chemical peel 70% £70
Dermaplaning and LED lamp treayment £70
PRP ( vampire ) facial £200
Skin boosters £220
Jawline reduction £250
Nefertiti neck lift £250
Hyperhidrosis ( excess sweating) £300
Chemical brow lift £65
PDO face lift £700
PDO jowel lift £375
PDO neck rejuvenation £350
Group in Carpark with Susan no coins6J1A8615

Eight-strong airport safety team received commemorative coins from the Scottish Ambulance Service – 

Glasgow Airport’s team of volunteer community first responders have been recognized for their work during the Covid-19 pandemic response. 

Paul Scott, Kevin McGuire, Steven Mitchell, Douglas McShane, Jeanette Paton,

Group in Carpark with Susan no coins6J1A8615

Jennifer Mulligan, Philip Gillespie and Katy Gracey were presented with a commemorative coin from the Scottish Ambulance Service for outstanding dedication and care.

Six of those recognised form the airport’s Duty Safety Team with both Philip and Katy training with the team as part of a career development programme from airport security partners ICTS. 

The Duty Safety Team works around the clock across the airport and an officer’s duties include fire prevention, responding to fire alarms and maintenance of all airport fire suppression equipment – extinguishers, hose reels, fire hydrants and dry risers.

Critically, Duty Safety Officers are also first aid providers, and each is a Scottish Ambulance Service-trained community first responder responsible for the airport’s 4000-strong workforce and the millions of passengers who normally pass through the terminal each year. 

Susan GardnerCommunity Resilience Facilitator (West)Scottish Ambulance Service, said: “Myself and Anne Harrison, West Region Community Resilience Paramedic Team Leader, were delighted to present all the community first responders at Glasgow Airport with COVID Coins as a thank you from the Scottish Ambulance Service for all their dedicated work throughout this pandemic.”

Covid Coin

Community first responders are volunteers who are trained by the ambulance service to attend certain types of emergency calls in the area where they live or work.

Their aim is to reach a potential life-threatening emergency in the first vital minutes before the ambulance crew arrives. Their role is to help stabilise the patient and provide the appropriate care until the more highly-skilled ambulance crew arrives on scene to take over the treatment.

Ronald Leitch, Operations Director at Glasgow Airport, said: “Our Duty Safety Team and the other community first responders who have been recognized today deserve huge credit for the first aid and care they provide to both our passengers and their airport colleagues. 

“It is no exaggeration to say they are life savers as all, if not most of them, have been called on to do just that. On any given shift they can deal with anything from a cut finger or a fire alarm to a cardiac arrest, so it’s fantastic to see their efforts recognised by the Scottish Ambulance Service.


“Although the vast majority of our operations were grounded during the pandemic, the airport remained open throughout to support a number of lifeline services and those receiving their commemorative coins today played a key part in our efforts to help keep the country moving.”

If you would like to find out more about being a Community First Responder click here. 

Please note that in the main pic the duty safety team are joined by Susan Gardner from SAS (left) and Glasgow Airport’s Operations Director, Ronald Leitch (right).