Robert Kelsey

Robert Kelsey


Robert studied at Glasgow School of Art under David Donaldson and Paisley artist Alexander Goudie. After stepping down from a career in Art Education lasting 26 years Robert has been living and working as an artist in Paisley for the last 15 years. During that time he has built up a strong reputation with top British and American galleries and has had more than 20 sell out exhibitions. A book was published to promote his 10th anniversary Exhibition with Thompsons gallery, Marleybone, and the BBC made a film for “Breakfast Television” featuring the exhibition.

Recently Paisley Museum exhibited his painting of Iona during their record breaking exhibition “Landscape” which scanned several hundred years of Scottish landscape painting. Robert was the only living artist hung in the exhibition.

Last year the University of the West of Scotland presented him with an Honorary Degree of Master of the University.

To find out more about Robert Kelsey please visit www.rkelsey.com