Kevin McIntyre

All information on this page is from the official Kevin McIntyre website www.kevinmcintyre.co.uk

Kevin is currently the British, Scottish and Celtic Welterweight champion and it just so happens he comes from Paisley and is a proud Buddie too so Paisley should be proud of Kevin’s achievments here is the biography from Kevins website.


For as long as I can remember, it has been my dream to be a professional boxer. My most recent fight, the British Welterweight Title bout (Where I contested the title successfully for the second time) was another victory which realized my young boxing ambitions. It is always fantastic to win a title, but to successfully defend it brings a renewed sense of satisfaction!
I began boxing at the age of 12 at the Paisley YMCA under the guidance of Norrie Sweeney. Norrie is a well known Scottish coach who has run the boxing club at the YMCA for as long as I can remember. After a few months of basic training, my first contest was in Omagh in Ireland where I won on points. I had a successful and enjoyable amateur career winning 80 out of 90 fights. These fights took me all round the UK and between the ages of 12 and 17, I won 5 Scottish youth titles and went on to represent Scotland on 30 occasions. I was particularly proud to win silver in the British Golden Gloves Contest (the contest consists of fighters from all corners of Great Britain.) I was awarded gold in the Gaelic Games (a fantastic contest which gives fighters from Canada and the UK a chance to meet). In 1998, aged 21, when representing Scotland at the Multi Nations in Turkey, I won a bronze medal which was also a qualifier for the European Championships in Minsk, Belarus. Belarus was a tricky contest but I was satisfied with my performances, which saw me finish in the final 8 fighters of the competition.

I married my lovely wife Caroline in 1999 and we had our first child Chloe in 2001, followed by Shaun in 2003. I would not be where I am today in terms of confidence and success without the ongoing support of my family. I am unsurprisingly a big Rocky Balboa fan and after consistently annoying my parents for a number of years in my childhood, they relented and took me to see Rocky in action on the big screen. I then got a pair of gloves and joined the Paisley YMCA where I reveled in the boxing surroundings and in the company of like minded young boxing fans! Talking of fans I would like to profusely thank mine for all their encouragement. The supporters make it all worthwhile when training and fighting hard take their toll.

After fighting as an amateur boxer for 9 years I grew somewhat restless and decided to turn professional in order to fight my contemporaries for British titles. I turned professional in 1999 and won 26 of 31 contests against various British fighters including, Craig Lynch ( who I won my Scottish Championship against), Tony Docherty (who I won my Celtic Title against) and Kevin Anderson( where I initially won and then defended successfully, my British Welterweight title). My highlights have been winning the aforementioned Scottish title, Celtic title and British Welterweight title. When I turned pro my main goal was to win the latter which I did by beating big favorite Kevin Anderson. He was just one win away from winning the prestigious Lonsdale belt outright at the Magnum Centre on the 2nd of November 2007, until I stopped him in his tracks. This is now a new goal I have set for myself as defending the title for a third time would mean keeping the belt in the family for life, which means a lot to me. I realize this is going to be a hard task but I refuse to let anything stand in my way! I believe that I will contest the belt this May against Kell Brook from Sheffield. Kell is unbeaten in 15 contests, so it should make for an interesting bout.

In 2006 I joined the stable of fighters at Braveheart Boxing Promotions. I have received a great deal of support and invaluable advice from Barry and the team, allowing me to focus solely on my preparation for fights and leave the management of my career to the experienced team at Braveheart. The other support teams that I have to credit with some of my success are my colleagues and employers at The Post Office. The Communications Workers Union has gone out of its way to help finance my career and let my boxing and day to day work fit in with each other harmoniously.

Yours in Sport
Kevin McIntyre