Jenni Keenan Green

Jenni Keenan Green

Jenni is an actress from Paisley who played the character Heather in the BBC1 soap River City.

Here is the information from the BBC Soap’s webpage:

played by Jenni Keenan Green

Ray Henderson was the first person to be seduced by Heather’s charms. After their relationship fizzled out, she managed to blackmail Lewis before leaving Shieldinch. She returned to the area more determined than ever to make her mark on the business world. Heather sweet-talked her way into sharing the Blinc Inc premises with Scott, until she blabbed to his landlord about the sub-let and they were evicted. Heather then took over the lease and opened a new bar, Versus. She was involved with Marcus, and refused to believe Gina’s accusations against him. Unfortunately, she found out too late that they were true. She stabbed Marcus to death in self defence, but the case against her was found not proven after Joanne Rossi claimed under oath to have killed Marcus.

Jenni left the soap some time ago.