Graham Fulton

Graham Fulton – Poet

Graham Fulton is Paisley’s most important and successful poet since Robert Tannahill, with an extensive body of work written and published over the last 27 years. He was born in 1959 and moved to Paisley with his family in 1963 (His mother was born in Paisley) and attended Ralston Primary school and then Camphill High.

Graham attended the Paisley Writers’ group run by Tom Leonard in 1987, and since then his poetry has been widely published in magazines, newspapers, online journals and anthologies in Europe and the USA. He was joint winner of the one-off Scotia Bar First of May Poetry Prize in 1992.

Graham has had many critically acclaimed pamphlet collections and full-length collections published over the years including Humouring the Iron Bar Man (Polygon, 1990), This (Rebel Inc, 1993), Knights of the Lower Floors (Polygon, 1994), Ritual Soup and other liquids (Mariscat, 2002), Black Motel/The Man who Forgot How to (Roncadora Press, 2010), Open Plan (Smokestack Books, 2011), Full Scottish Breakfast (Red Squirrel Press, 2011) and Reclaimed Land (The Grimsay Press, 2013). He runs Controlled Explosion Press.

He continues to produce exciting and challenging poetry, and 4 new full-length collections are to be published over the next 2 years by Smokestack Books, Roncadora, Red Squirrel Press and Salmon Poetry from Ireland. From 2016 his major collections are to be published by Glasgow-based Freight Books. He is one of Scotland’s most dynamic live poetry performers, and there are many internet entries on him.

More extensive and accurate information, quotes from other people about him, and pictures, can be found on his website www.grahamfulton-poetry.com and on the Wikipidea entry on him. He still lives in Paisley.

This article and nomination were sent in by Helen Nathaniel-Fulton (thanks Helen)