Carmen Pieraccini

Carmen Pieraccini

Actress from Paisley who is currently playing the character Kelly Marie in the BBC1 soap River City, Carmens page will be updated soon as we find out more information for the Biography page.

Here is the information which is included on the BBC Soap’s webpage:

Kelly Marie Adams
played by Carmen Pieraccini

Kelly Marie returned to Shieldinch to be with her family after Bob’s accident. She, like her brother, Stevie, has spent the last few years working away from the area. Kelly is upfront like her mother, but unlike Scarlett, she gets what she wants through charm and persuasion. She talked her way into a job at the salon and has quickly made friends. Kelly’s also a big hit with the opposite sex. She had a fling with Billy that he wanted to end when his wife Della returned to Shieldinch. However, Kelly wasn’t so willing to let him go, and pretended to be pregnant to try and keep their affair going. Kelly just couldn’t understand why nobody had any sympathy for her, once it was revealed that she’d lied about the baby.