The Tunisian market

The Tunisian market

The Tunisian market is now becoming an annual event in the town bringing some exotic colours and products direct to the town centre.

Experience exotic tastes, stunning traditional clothing and fabulous crafts when the popular Tunisian market returns to the town centre.

There will be plenty of food available which will include paella, Tunisian BBQ and pancakes as well as dried fruit, nuts, olives and sweets.

There will also be Tunisian leather-ware handbags, ceramics, wall-tiles, tajines, lamps, pots, wood carved ornaments, jewellery, art, music, and traditional Tunisian clothes and slippers.

The Tunisian market is brought to Renfrewshire by Paisley Vision Board and Renfrewshire Council.

Renfrewshire Council Leader, Brian Lawson, who also chairs Paisley Vision Board, said: “The Tunisian Market has been a popular addition to the town’s calendar of events over the past couple of years, as well as the regular farmers markets and the continental Christmas market. It offers shoppers a chance to try something a bit different and always adds a great buzz to the town.”

All images courtesy of Jean-Marie Stewart