Advertise directly to customers and support Paisley.

We have on average 60,000 visitors per day with a huge number of page views to the website alone.

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Our Facebook pages have a combination of 39,000 likes (average of 6,000 impressions per Facebook Post) and we have accumulated over 16,000 followers on our various Twitter pages and our Instagram page has reached well over 2,774k followers on IG and 27k unique views on Pinterest.

We also have over 10k registered users on the website. Now, is this the kind of advertising network that sounds appealing to your business?

How this can be of benefit to you?

We can still offer an introductory price of £250 for the year or £25 per month which puts your logo in every page (approx 15,000 spidered pages) and your ad goes out on Facebook once a week (previously monthly). Please note these prices can be changed at anytime so act quick.

Your Logo is all that is required or a photograph that you use or text etc.. It has to be of decent quality.

Please remember you do not just get to advertise on you also get to advertise once a month on .

What do you get for your money?

Most people ask “so what do I get for my money?”

Well you get a lot for your money for instance.

  • You get an advert on every single post approx 2,000 + Posts
  • Added SEO (search engine optimisation) for your very own website
  • Thousands of quality link backs which again is ideal for SEO
  • Brand Recognition
  • A full Blog post every week which is promoted via our social networks (twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+) this is on average 300,000 impressions
  • You are also allowed to promote (within reason) your business promotions on our main Facebook Page. (We do not allow ads on our FB group page)
  • We will work with you to get the best out of your advert, we are interested in promoting you.

Please email any of our advertisers and ask for yourself, you will find it is money well spent.


Please enquire about prices, we have a solution to suit your business to gain maximum exposure via our network.


We are not sponsored by Renfrewshire Council or any other organisation and rely on any funds coming into the website being spent on maintenance and upkeep of the website, hosting etc. We have some plans for further promotions of the town and would like your help to do this.

We do not see your advertising on the website as a one way street with being the winner, we see it as a partnership. We will promote all businesses that advertise on our website through blog posts, Facebook group, twitter and other social media websites, which have over 8,000 fans or likes on our various networks. We would love for you to be part of this.

To contact us please email Brian on or use our contact form below.
You don’t have to have a business in Paisley to support or advertise on the website, we would like to advertise any Paisley owned business throughout the world….
Contact us now and advertise today, no obligation.
Use our Contact Page by clicking here, specify in the comments that you would like to advertise and we shall call you back