Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta

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Whats On 14 June 2024

Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta

The Castle Semple Rowing Club (CSRC) Regatta, held on May 11, 2024, at Castle Semple Loch in Lochwinnoch, is a premier event in Scotland’s rowing calendar. Established in 1982, this regatta has grown into the largest one-day rowing competition in Scotland. Its prestige comes from its long-standing tradition of excellence and the high level of competition it attracts.

Over the years, the event has become a proving ground for both seasoned rowers and emerging talent, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. The picturesque setting of Castle Semple Loch provides a perfect backdrop for the races, further enhancing the event’s appeal.

Each year, the regatta draws participants from numerous clubs, all eager to showcase their skills and contribute to the vibrant community spirit that defines this esteemed event.

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A Day of Thrilling Races

The regatta featured a series of races over a 1,000-meter course, except for Masters 70+, which were held over 250 meters. The participants ranged from juniors to seniors, highlighting a broad spectrum of talent and experience. The mixed eights race was a particularly exciting event, scheduled to provide a fitting conclusion to the day’s competition.

Spectators were treated to a thrilling display of rowing prowess under mostly favorable weather conditions, with flat water and sunny skies.

Castle Semple Regatta Results

The Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta showcased remarkable talent, with George Watson’s College (GWC) emerging as the top-performing team. GWC dominated the event with multiple wins across different categories, reflecting their strong rowing program. Their key victories included the W J13 4x+ (Richardson), O J14 1x (McNab), W J16 1x (Contreas-Wood), and W J14 1x (Clements). GWC also secured multiple placements in various J14 and J15 events, highlighting their depth in junior categories.

Strathclyde University Rowing Club (SRC) also had a notable presence, delivering strong performances in singles and doubles categories. They secured victories in the W R2 1x (Graveling), W 1x (Kittridge), and O Nov 2x (MacCallum), showcasing their versatility and skill in competitive events.

Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association (ASRA) consistently achieved high placements in junior categories, underlining their strength in nurturing young talent. Key victories for ASRA included the O J13 2x (Khan) and W J14 4x+ (De Kock), with high placements in J14 and J15 events further demonstrating their competitive edge.

Glasgow University Boat Club (GUBC) excelled in both junior and senior categories, reflecting their well-rounded rowing capabilities. Significant wins for GUBC included the W R2 4+ (Collins) and O 2- (Williams). Additionally, they had strong showings in mixed and singles events, proving their adaptability across various race formats.

Clydesdale ARC made their mark in the Masters and novice categories, with important victories in the W Mas 2x (McDowell) and W Nov 4x+ (McConnell). Their performance highlights their competitive spirit and proficiency in these divisions.

Among the notable individual performers, Richardson (GWC) stood out with multiple wins, including the W J13 4x+. McNab (GWC) also achieved multiple victories in J14 singles, showcasing impressive individual skill. Contreas-Wood (GWC) added to the success with a win in the W J16 1x and other placements. Graveling (SRC) was another dominant force, particularly in the W R2 1x events, underlining their prowess in singles competitions.

Final Thoughts

The 2024 Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta exemplified the growing popularity and prestige of this long-standing event in Scotland’s rowing community. Held at the scenic Castle Semple Loch, the regatta drew a large crowd of spectators.

George Watson’s College (GWC) showcased their dominance with multiple victories, while Strathclyde University Rowing Club (SRC), Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association (ASRA), Glasgow University Boat Club (GUBC), and Clydesdale ARC also delivered outstanding performances, highlighting the depth of talent present. The event’s success was not just in the thrilling races and competitive spirit but also in its ability to foster community engagement and sportsmanship.