What Next for Scottish-Themed Slots Games?

If you’ve ever visited an online casino, you’ll know that one of the first things you’ll ever see is a huge choice of slots games ready for you to play. The themes are wide-ranging, from the treasures of Ancient Egypt to games linked to football and other sports.

So it’s only logical that the strong culture and heritage of Scotland is represented too, There are several games out there, including ones with links to the movies Braveheart and Highlander. But one of the very best of all, which features in the collection of Paddy Power online slots, is the wittily titled Highland Reels. You might expect this game to revolve around Scottish dancing. In fact, it takes the famous highland games as its inspiration.

A trip to the Games

The (highland) reels are packed with typical symbols of the games, including the hammer, kilts in a variety of tartans and, naturally, the iconic caber. There’s even a bonus feature in which a powerful Highlander has to toss the caber to qualify for free spins or to multiply the prize money.

It’s a popular game, especially among Scottish slots fans, so surely slots developers must right now be creating new games, maybe around some of the country’s most famous stories and myths. After all, there are plenty that would work very well in this way.

Robert the Bruce

For example, there’s the legend of Robert the Bruce and his spider. For anyone who needs a quick refresher of the story, after a lost battle against the Earl of Pembroke, the disconsolate king retreated to a cave to reflect on the struggles he was having. But the sight of a spider successfully weaving a web despite the challenging and stormy weather persuaded him to carry on himself.

It’s a story that has all the ingredients of a good slot, including the characters of both the king and the spider, as well as a task to complete in weaving a web.


Although there is already a slot out there featuring one of our most famous and long-standing myths, the Loch Ness monster, there is another ancient legend that would also be perfect for translating into a slot. After all, the mysterious town of Brigadoon, said to only arise out of the mist once every 100 years, has already inspired several other entertainments. For example, there was the 1947 Lerner and Loewe musical that was such a huge Broadway hit it became a very popular MGM movie starring Gene Kelly, Van Johnson and Cyd Charisse.

Again, it has all the ingredients needed for a really first-rate slot – and perhaps the appearance of the town in the middle of a game could signify a special bonus round that only lasts until Brigadoon again disappears.

Of course, there are countless other Scottish tales just waiting to be transformed into slots games from Fingal’s Cave to the mythical water horses, the Kelpies, who are said to appear in remote lochs and rivers.

So let’s hope that at least a couple of these ideas arrive in online casinos soon.