6 Great Options For Remembering Your Pets

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When you lose a beloved pet, it is not easy to stomach the loss. You are going to struggle to deal with this loss and that’s common for pet owners during their lives. However, you can take steps to make the grieving process a little bit easier.

This includes looking at options to remember your pets with. Here are a few that you should take note of when it’s time to memorialize your pet. 

1. Cremation

This is noted for being the most common and popular option when remembering your pet. You can cremate them as that is a part of the grieving process and can let you heal when the pet is gone. By having a cremation ceremony, you will get the chance to remember those good times and say your final goodbye. This is a powerful moment and one you should have. You can customize each part of the cremation to make sure it turns out the way you want it to.

2. Jewelry 

This is a beautiful way to memorialize your pet’s memories. The goal here is to create a piece of jewelry that can be worn or kept nearby whenever you want to remember your pet. It is an act of remembrance that is powerful and will let you show your love for the pet. You can even have a pendant that has your pet’s ashes in it. 

You have so many choices available to you and that is powerful when trying to get more out of your pet’s memories. 

You can even have a diamond that has ashes in it from the pet. The options are endless in this category.

3. Plants

There is nothing better than giving back to the planet by showing your pet love. This includes planning a planting such as a flower, shrub, or tree in memory of your pet. A good example would be a pet that was white like a Husky and putting together a plant that has white flowers during the warmer months. It is a wonderful option because it’s easy to do and is going to last for a long time. 

There are so many ways to personalize this and that is what makes it unique. On the same note, you can also use this as a way to find a good resting place for your pet’s ashes. This can include looking to set up a tribute for the pet and then spreading their ashes in that spot.

4. Paw Prints

Your pet’s paws are a great way to remember them when they are gone and the print will be memorable. You can take paw prints when the pet is alive or right after they have passed away. It is common for vets to offer this option to individuals when it is time to move forward with euthanasia. You can have these paw prints set up on paper. 

5. Portrait

Commissioning a portrait of your dog will immortalise their memory. They will become a focal part of your home. Pet portraits can be done while your pet is alive or after they have passed from a photo. An artist will endeavour to capture your dog’s personality so is it always good to send more than one photo and even videos so that they get a good idea of their unique quirks.

6. Donation

A good way to give back and show your love is through a donation in the pet’s name. This is a wonderful way to honor your pet and show them the love they deserve even when they are gone. You could give it back to a pet foundation or any other foundation that adds value to the planet.