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Unibet has been rated as a top sport betting site for its credibility, customer-friendly approach alongside the experience that it offers its users. The sportsbook has been an ever-growing reputation; a status that experts say befits it as one of the first digital bookmakers. It is now more than 24 years old since it started as a betting advice telephone service. Its root as a source of information and advice to players is evident up to date. Its adoption of the latest technologies including Unibet mobil allows it to compete with upcoming betting sites.

Unibet betting still offers comprehensive statistics alongside an extensive catalogue of events and well-informed recommendations. When it comes to payment options, players can use Unibet paypal among other options. Unibet online and Unibet Android are other features that players can enjoy as they look for the convenience of betting anywhere and anytime. MightyTips has carried out a comprehensive review of the sportsbook and this is their verdict.

Betting enthusiasts in Hungary will be happy to note that reviewers have rated Unibet Hungary for its customer-friendly approach. This is one of the aspects that have enabled the sportsbook to enjoy a steady growth where it now records more than 1.5 million active users. It has also come to be recognized by multiple entities where it has won awards including being named the best sportsbook in 2016 at EGR Awards.


MightyTips review gave the bookmaker a rating of 9.3 out of the possible ten. This is one of the highest rates that the reviewer has ever given a sportsbook. With such a rating, punters can confidently select it for all their betting endeavors. However, it is important to note that the review is based on time and space, so this may change. Also, it should not be lost that the sportsbook has been in existence for the last 24 years and they have maintained a high ranking for the time they have been in operation as a bookmaker.


Advantages that bettors will get out of wagering at Unibet include:

  • Welcome bonus that each of the new customers gets
  • A wide variety of markets and bets
  • Convenient payment options
  • An easy use website and a responsive mobile application
  • In playing betting on several sports
  • Promotions and bonuses among other benefits


On promotions and bonuses, Mighty Tips reviewers see the sportsbook as the pacesetter. They have over the years given their users great offers, right when the customer is opening a new account to deposits. These bonuses can be used to make bets, for the new customers, they can comfortably use the welcome bonus in testing out the bookmaker before they start using their funds. The other offers that are available at the sportsbook include:

  • Cashback for new customers
  • Free bets
  • Odd boosts
  • Referrals, and
  • Profit boost

Unibet odds

Like many other sportsbooks, Unibet performs pretty well when it comes to odds. They are at the same levels as the industry’s leaders, especially when it comes to popular sports and markets. One thing that has made the sportsbook stand out and even win awards over the years is its competitive odds. Bettors have chosen it as a good bet when it comes to betting odds. Whether it’s football, baseball, greyhounds among other sports, users are never disappointed with the Unibet odds.

Mobile experience

Online sports betting is enjoying a great following courtesy of the mobile experience. Bettors can now bet at the convenience of their houses, offices among other places all courtesy of Unibet mobile among other mobile sports betting platforms. Unibet Android and iOS have provided bettors with an experience that has changed the way they bet. 

They can now deposit and withdraw at their convenience, place bets, and even get tips easily through their mobile devices. Unibet mobile can be downloaded in app markets easily. Users are required to complete a registration process and enjoy all the offers that come with opening a new account. It is a simple process, just like the one that users follow when they are opening a normal website. Everything else is the same; the only difference is that you are doing it on a mobile phone.

What types of bets do you expect in Unibet Betting?

Mightytips gives the sportsbook a rating of nine when it comes to the types of bets. Customers have a wide range of bets through which they can wager. All the popular sports and markets can be found on the site. For example, in football, a customer can bet on top markets such as the winning team, the scorer, the correct scorer, among other options. 

Unibet has done everything possible to ensure that platform offers satisfactory betting options where no customer is frustrated when it comes to the choices. And it is not only sports but even unique events are also covered, talk of elections and political outcome among other non-sporting events, all the betting enthusiasts are covered. With these non-sporting events, people who love betting but are not into sports are well catered for.

What about credibility

Any betting enthusiast is interested in knowing the credibility of a betting site before any engagement. This knowledge is very important as it dictates the kind of experience that awaits a bettor. When you know that a site is highly rated in terms of credibility, you go in with confidence, knowing that what you see is what you get. Unibet has a high credibility rating; Mightytips has given it a score of 10, the highest rate that any sportsbook can get. According to Mightytips, it is safe to engage with the sportsbook. This is based on the parameters such as reputation, the complaints and how they were handled, the experience among other aspects.

Unibet scores highly in many aspects, this is an indication that choosing the sportsbook might be the best decision that any punter does. It is also important to note that the review is done at a given time, the situation might change and a player might have a different experience. To avoid disappointment, we recommend checking the current reviews; they provide the users with a clear perspective of how the site is performing at the moment.


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