How to install laminate flooring

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Are you thinking about installing some laminate flooring in your home? 

Installing laminate flooring is easy once you know what you are doing. This how-to guide will cover the basics of installation and equipment/ tools you will need.


  • Underlay
  • Your chosen laminate flooring


          • Hammer
          • Tape measure Pencil
          • Handsaw
          • Straightedge
          • Joint tape

1. The old floor or sub-floor surface must be clean, smooth and flat. If not, you may encounter some problems before and after you lay down the floor. Make sure you sweep and vacuum all the unwanted bits to avoid unevenness. An underlayment of foam or fibreboard is the best choice of base for laminate planks.


2. Test how your planks will look in your room before you start to lay them. Place the planks across the room so you can see how they click together. Be sure to not fully lock them in just yet as you may damage the edges. Once you have an overall idea of the layout, collect your planks up and begin installing the underlay.


3. Your chosen underlay helps absorb sound and acts as a thermal barrier. It also makes the floor bouncier and a lot nicer to walk on. Next, roll out the sheets of underlay and make sure the edges are touching but not overlapping. Secure with joint tape and trim the excess underlayment.


4.  Begin with the longest wall with trimmed edges of the plank against the wall. (Make sure you trim off the tongues on your board that will edge off the first wall). Work from left to right and make sure your groove is facing outwards. Make sure to place spacers between the wall and flooring to keep your gap. Lock each plank with a hammer or mallet. After all, you want it to be secure! Once you reach the end of the first row, the last plank will likely be too long. Measure and cut with a saw and begin fitting your second row.


5.  Once you have fitted your first row, it should be straightforward with the rest. Remember to use your cut off piece from the previous row. As you continue to install your 5th, 6th and so on rows, it is now finally time to fit your last!


6.  If you have followed instructions correctly, it should be easy to install the last row. However, it can be a little tricky if you are working with a tight space against the wall. But the gaps you left should make it fairly easier to lock everything into place. Finish with baseboard moulding to neatly finish the edges.


So, now you have a perfectly laid, gorgeous floor, it’s now time to buy your furniture and décor! What style trend are you going to go for?