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Marketing Executive jobs are one of the most in-demand job categories in the United States and around the world. These jobs concentrate on developing and implementing marketing strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Marketing professionals can either work for their own firm or be part of a bigger organization. Marketing Executives often act as corporate marketing managers. Marketing is an important facet of any business activity, and hence these executives should possess a strong background and strong interpersonal skills. They are usually employed by small businesses to step up their marketing campaign from the basic strategy of posting online and they are expected to contribute in ways to get YouTube subscribers and other social media marketing skills as well.  

A Simple Definition Of Marketing Management

Marketing management is the overall organizational discipline that focuses on the implementation of marketing orientation, methods, and techniques within enterprises and organizations and over the overall management of the marketing assets and functions of a company. Marketing professionals are expected to have a broad knowledge of advertising, economics, and statistics. To perform effectively, a marketing executive must possess outstanding analytical, strategic, planning, and decision-making skills. Apart from being the principal driving force behind the organization’s marketing strategies, the job roles marketing executive play includes implementing the strategies, reporting to the higher-ups, providing inputs to decision-makers, coaching and mentoring employees involved in marketing, and disseminating information regarding the company’s products and services to customers. Marketing managers need to know more than three innovative examples of mass marketing, but should have a wealth of marketing knowledge to contribute to the business. 

Skills Required

Marketing executives require exceptional interpersonal skills and analytical skills. Marketers need to be able to interact with people in various situations. They are expected to understand people’s feelings and motivations. They need to demonstrate creativity in problem-solving. These skills are further developed when professionals participate in training programs and take up training courses, imbibe new ideas and take up challenging assignments.

Marketers are paid handsomely for their services. Marketers earn a combination of fees, commissions, tips, bonuses, and other incomes in different ways. Some sales executives earn up to 15% more than the regular salary of the employee. Marketers are paid for the number of clients or customers they successfully serve during a particular time period. Marketers are also paid for the number of hours they spend communicating with customers, for the number of sales they close, and for any other additional earnings such as discounts, tips, and other compensations.

Lateral Skills

While marketer salaries are high, some positions may require lateral skills. Marketers must be sociable, good at networking, able to communicate effectively on a variety of levels, and have excellent interpersonal skills. Marketers should possess strong leadership, managerial, negotiation, and marketing skills. Aspiring marketing executives must also be self-motivated and able to work independently.

Most entry-level marketing executive jobs demand only that marketers are adept at basic computer skills, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Marketers are also required to have strong written and oral communications skills, as well as good interpersonal skills. Marketers are expected to be able to express themselves clearly and creatively. They are expected to have a wide range of skills and should not conform to a specific “type” of personality. Although personality traits are common in many different fields, marketing executives should consider using their own unique style to best suit their individual needs.


As compared to other professions, salaries for healthcare marketing executives are relatively high and come with excellent benefits packages. A healthcare marketing executive can command a high salary but may have few job options available. Health care industry specialists are highly sought after and often receive offers to lead healthcare companies or oversee specific departments.

Final Thoughts

Careers within the healthcare industry are projected to grow steadily, making it important for healthcare marketing executives to acquire analytical skills. These executives must be able to analyze large quantities of data, as well as interpret and communicate effectively. These individuals must also be detail-oriented and capable of developing strategic plans. Candidates with strong analytical skills, creative thinking abilities, and a dedication to service are most likely to achieve success in this industry.