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Walking is an excellent form of exercise, but it carries risks. You are on the side of the road where vehicles race by, and you rely on the drivers to follow the rules of the road. Cars have speed and weight on their side, making for a deadly result if they collide with you. Some sidewalks and crosswalks are designed to help keep you safe, but accidents still happen. Understanding the common causes of these mishaps will assist in keeping you vigilant when walking and help you know when to hire a personal injury lawyer if you were injured.


Distracted Driving

The number one reason for pedestrian/motorized vehicle accidents is due to distracted driving. Drivers often believe they can multitask while they are operating a car. Whether it is playing with the radio, talking to passengers, eating food, or handling the phone, it is quite common for a person to attempt to do things while behind the wheel. Taking your eyes and mind off the road for even a split second can cause an accident. This is why most states make it against the law to touch a phone while driving. This includes setting the GPS, responding to text messages, putting on music, etc. Phones generally have a hands-free mode where applications are disabled, audio dictation is enabled, and voice commands can be made. Some states have even implemented laws where people cannot have passengers until a certain age. These rules are all designed to help reduce distracted driving.


Lack of Awareness

Despite driver’s education being taught and tests required before licensing, many drivers are not aware of all the rules of the road. Lack of awareness applies to accidents that occur if a person is struck in a crosswalk or fails to slow during a school zone. These can also be trickier to try if the driver believes they had the right of way. If you think the driver should have given you the right-of-way, you will want to make sure a lawyer is contacted to have them assist in the investigation and fight your case.


Visibility Issues

When you are walking at dusk or dawn, you will want to make sure that you wear reflective clothing and stick to lit roads. However, daytime accidents often occur when the sun, hills, or vegetation reduce driver visibility. While it is harder to pin a case to the driver in these types of accidents, lawyers can prove that the government was aware that visibility is a common issue in the area. Signs should be posted informing drivers to be more vigilant on hilly roads, and lights should be installed on streets with heavy foot traffic. Another situation where the fault may be in the city is if light bulbs are burnt out in street lights.


When to Hire an Attorney

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. The first thing that must be determined is who was at fault. Then, your attorney will investigate to look at the actions of the driver, actions of other drivers, and road conditions. Finally, when you contact the personal injury lawyers of Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano P.A., you will receive consultation on damages you can seek restitution for and know your case will be handled with care.