5 Benefits Of Investing In A Garden Studio

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Working from home, especially from the living room or bedroom, can prove challenging at times.  There are times when it will be fun, and others when you’ll wish or even miss having some space and privacy to get some work done. 

Garden studios provide just that – they offer you a chance to balance between work and home life.  The garden office offers the peace and serenity you’d want while working. If you’re interested then check out these studios

Outlined below are some of the benefits and reasons you should consider investing in a garden office at home. 


  1. No Planning Permission is Required

You don’t necessarily have to apply for planning permission to add a garden office to your home. You can thus use the garden studio to increase livable space and get to separate work and home life. 


  1. Can Be Custom-Designed and Build

You can have the garden office custom-built to fit your needs and preferences.  The studio can also be equipped with everything from a heated floor, unique light fixtures, running water, and proper insulation as well. Our team will collaborate with you to ensure the office is designed to your liking and meets your exact requirements. We at Trew Turner build custom garden studios fully equipped with electrical sockets and adequate insulation, separating it from a wooden shed. 


  1. Boosts Your Property Value

The garden office won’t just give you peace of mind while working but is also a valuable investment for the home at large.  According to research, simply adding a garden studio to your home will see its value go up by up to 7%. In addition to the monetary value, having a garden office means you never have to use your bedroom or living room as an office.  This gives both you and other family members freedom and peace of mind too.  The garden office offers a serene ‘office’ environment without ever worrying about rent. 


  1. It Offers A Peaceful Environment

A garden office cannot be compared to the office cubicle you once had. For starters, it lets you commune with nature, thanks to the green garden surrounding you. With trees and vegetation around the garden office, you get to breathe the freshest and clean air available.  The scenery is something anyone working from the grey office cubicle would die for. 

Working from the garden office should also see your productivity improve significantly. With no co-workers to distract you, the clean, fresh air, and your family close by, you can deliver more than you ever did. 

  1. It Feels More Professional

Imagine holding all your virtual meetings, calls, and office work from the dining table or a sofa in the living room. It not only invades everyone’s privacy but doesn’t look or feel professional at all. However, a garden office helps separate your family life from work and provides the right environment to handle office work diligently. You can thus hold virtual meetings or even meet with clients in the garden office and never feel out of place. Aside from this, investing in a garden office means you can work undistracted and even invest in the right gear (such as a chair, table, printers, etc.) for what you do.  It also means you can go back home to relax after spending the day at work.