How the Online Gambling Industry Can Create New Employment Opportunities in Sweden

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The online gambling industry is enormous. Experts predict that it will grow even more over the next few years. As a result, online casinos will need more workers to keep up with the demands of new players.

No one understands this better than our expert author Carlos Norberg. He is an igaming expert who writes for bästa online casino. Carlos is here to discuss how the online gambling industry can create jobs in Sweden. 

Casinos in Sweden

In 1994, the Swedish government legalised land-based casinos. As online gambling sites became more popular, Sweden legalised online casinos in 2002. Yet, Sweden only allowed state-owned operators, Svenska Spel.

Sweden’s gambling laws allow online slot machines, bingo slots, keno, online poker, and several other games. Land-based casinos within Sweden have an age restriction of 20 years. Local online casinos have lowered the age limit to 18. 

The Legality of Online Gambling in Sweden

Sweden’s current online gambling laws only benefit state-owned sites. But, the European Union has put pressure on Sweden to change the law. The EU claims that Sweden’s online gambling rules aren’t compliant with the EU’s law on the free movement of services.

Sweden only allows Svenska Spel to advertise its services. But, there’s no current law that prohibits Swedes from using offshore gambling sites. It isn’t a criminal offence for punters to gamble in Sweden with online casinos that operate from other countries.

Offshore casinos use this loophole to their advantage by making it easier for Swedes to join their sites. Due to tight competition, some casinos run special promotions only for Swedish players. These promotions include signup bonuses, free chances and no deposit options. 

Sweden’s state-owned entities cannot compete with the player benefits that offshore casinos offer to Swedish players. As a result, Swedish online casino operators are losing many customers. 

Online gaming sites outside of Sweden aren’t allowed to operate within the country. But, they are licenced and regulated by trusted gaming commissions. These commissions set up strict rules and regulations to ensure that online casinos are safe and operate fairly. 

The Need to Legalise Online Casinos in Sweden

Online gambling in Sweden has so far been a grey area due to outdated legislation. Svenska Spel’s limited offerings have driven several punters to offshore casinos. Allowing more online casinos to operate within Sweden holds collective interests for the country and the people. 

Since lawmakers in Sweden haven’t updated online gambling laws, the country is losing millions in tax funds. These extra funds can boost the economy and ensure that Swedes spend their local funds within Sweden. 

Because Sweden has limited availability of betting sites, Swedes have started looking elsewhere. Unfortunately, players who visit unlicensed casinos have no protection.

There are several fraudulent sites that steal consumer information and scam players. When illicit sites manage to scam Swedish players, it goes unreported. There aren’t any laws that protect consumers in this regard. Also, casinos don’t undergo testing without the proper licencing to ensure that the games aren’t rigged. 

When punters join offshore gambling sites, they’re also at risk of forming gambling addictions. If the government opens the market to offshore casinos they can set up regulations within which a casino must make its users aware of gambling risks. 

How Can the Online Gambling Industry in Sweden Create New Employment Opportunities?

One of the most significant drawbacks of not allowing more online casinos to operate in Sweden is the potential job opportunities that go to waste. In countries where online gambling rules are less strict, online casinos have provided several new employment opportunities. 

Suppose the Swedish government changes the laws and allows more online casinos to operate. In that case, it will create more competitors, with new betting site start-ups. Thus, the industry will create new lines of work for game developers. The online gambling industry can also offer web designers, content creators, bankers, and customer care consultants jobs. 

The online gambling industry demands a whole new skill set. This means that when people work in the gambling industry, they’ll have the ability to learn new skills and build a promising career. 

If more online casinos compete, it can also boost the marketing industry and create work opportunities for campaign managers, copywriters, and online marketing companies. 

Updating the laws on casino games can also prevent gamblers from visiting offshore sites, boosting the number of players supporting local-based online casinos. In this way, the Swedish-based casinos can increase their yearly turnover. 


Countries worldwide are beginning to understand the benefit of legalising online casinos. The gambling industry is creating new jobs and boosting the economy. Sweden can also reap the benefits by imposing new online gambling laws.