Discreet delivery for you!

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Sometimes you might be browsing through the internet, and you find something that you’d really like to order. The only problem is, you’d prefer the purchase to be anonymous because not the whole world has to know what you’ve ordered. Luckily for you, there are some websites out there who have listened to this issue and therefore have chosen to deliver their packages discreetly, just for you.

Anonymous delivery

Now what exactly is anonymous delivery? Anonymous delivery means that the item(s) that you have ordered, will be delivered to you at all discretion. For example, no brand will be mentioned on the package. Matter of fact, most of the time the packaging is completely blank except for the label on the box. Now, on this label your address and the sender’s is mentioned, but in case of anonymous delivery, the brand itself won’t be visible.

Last but not least, in case of placing an anonymous order, the description on your bank statement will state a neutral name instead of the brand itself. This way, no one will be able to snoop around and see what you have ordered or where you have ordered from.

Why would you want no one to see?

Anonymous delivery may be useful for if you have ordered something more personal (f.e. toys like strap ons or dildos) and you don’t want to let the deliverer or neighbours in on this little secret. In case of discrete delivery, your package won’t be delivered to your snooping neighbours either, so they won’t be able to grill you on what you’ve ordered, so you end up in the situation of having to pick up your package at theirs.

Or maybe you finally gave in to your little brother because for the longest time he has been nagging about this one specific thing that he really wants to have because every other kid his age has it as well. Now wouldn’t all the fun be spoiled if by accident your brother would see the packaging before you have the chance to gift the surprise to him? This is why it could be very important to have this service available if you wish to use it.

Buyer’s privacy

A more practical look on all the above is that every consumer has his / her right to buyer’s privacy. When placing an order, multiple personal information will be asked from you so that the order can be processed and delivered accordingly. You might be wondering what will be done with this information once the order has been placed. No one would want their personal information to be floating around on the web. Privacy has always been a discussion point in today’s society.
This is why webshops have different rules that they need to keep themselves to. On most websites, you will find more information about this when you go to their FAQ. Here there will be an extensive explanation on why they ask for certain information and what they use it for. This way you will not be left in the dark, and you can be sure of what is being done with your data.