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Instagram is a large community where billions of people are active either for entertainment purposes or for earning money. Growing an Instagram account was a big challenge until people started decoding the algorithm of Instagram. Nowadays you can find a lot of guides and strategies to grow your fan base and eventually become popular. According to this article, now you can grow your Instagram by following a few worthy tips that we are about to discuss in this blog. So, let’s go ahead and explore these tips. 

  • Write an Attractive Bio

Your bio is the first thing that people see whenever they visit your account. So, try to

keep it short and informative. A perfect bio consists of the following elements:

  • mini-introduction of yourself
  • short description of your work
  • values
  • contact details
  • link to your website or channel, if any
  • Posting and Scheduling of Content in a Specific Niche

This point covers two major areas that are working on a specific niche and timely posting

of the content. While you’re building your Instagram account, make sure to focus on a specific

niche. It could be food, health, traveling, or any other.

Once done, plan the posting of content wisely. Try to post content that is interesting

and informative. Make sure to post the content in times when most of your followers are active. To know about this, you can check the Instagram insights and schedule your content according to


  • Post More Video Content

Posting more video content is the key to get noticed and increase engagement on posts.

Currently there we have three options;

  • Instagram Reels: These are short, informative videos like cooking videos and TikTok

videos. Since Instagram reels are short yet informative, they increase post engagement.

  • IGTV: The benefit of using this feature is that you have your own channel and in a

separate section of Instagram. It allows you to keep your posts and videos separate and also

makes it easier for the viewers to watch the content they like.

  • Instagram Live: Instagram live is an amazing option for boosting the growth of your

page. It allows you to communicate with your followers directly. It helps gain the trust of your

followers by showing them the real you and all that’s happening behind the camera.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with other influences is very beneficial as it allows you to secure your

followers and attract more of them. You can collaborate with other influencers and brands via

giveaways and contests. It will help keep your account rolling.

  • Use Hashtags

Almost all of you are aware of the importance of using hashtags but many of you failed

to use them correctly. Using appropriate hashtags that relate to your content and those that are

trending at the moment works the best. It helps gain insights and boosts fan following. 

So, these were a few very important tips that you can follow in order to grow your account. If you follow these tips, you will see your account rolling in no time.