What are the preferred travel options in the UK?

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The rest of the British is always active, it includes visiting many different naturals and architectural attractions. According to statistics from British sociologists, UK residents are the most traveling nation in Europe. The approximate amount that the average Briton can afford to spend on vacation is 2.5 thousand euros per year. And more than 70% of the population of Foggy Albion prefer to spend their holidays as far from home as possible. It is especially true for the inhabitants of large and noisy cities.

Rest From The Point Of View Of The British

The most popular travel destination for British residents is the vastness of their kingdom. And there are a lot of worth seeing!

  • These are not only ancient cities with history but also places with beautiful nature, such as the Lake District or the mountains of Wales and Scotland. The British are one of the most gambling nations. So, they like to visit the casino while on vacation. However, due to the current situation in the world and the pandemic in general, many UK people prefer to make bets in virtual gambling houses and know how to get around gamstop;
  • Of course, many people go on vacation to the south coast of England, where popular local resorts are located. The most famous of them in Brighton;
  • Places such as Margate, Seaford, and Worthing are equally popular with the local population – although many foreigners overlook them.


As practice shows, the British travel around their country, most often, driving a car, preferring this trip to a trip by bus or train. A large number of small old hotels make such a trip even more authentic and comfortable. Therefore, many people choose to stay on vacation. Also, farmhouses are no less popular, where the owners rent out rooms and provide guests with full board.

Favorite Countries For Tourism Among The British

Several years ago, Cyprus was the most popular resort among the British. Over the past decades, relations between Great Britain and Cyprus (which, by the way, used to be a colony of the United Kingdom) have changed. So:

  • For political and financial reasons, the British began to rest on the warm coasts of Spain and Portugal. These vibrant and temperamental countries attract the reserved British. Here, away from home, they can afford to relax and soak up the hot sand near the warm Mediterranean Sea. In addition to Spain and Portugal, residents of England also visit the resorts of Egypt and Turkey. For winter holidays and Christmas holidays, Switzerland, Germany or France are most often chosen;
  • Many young people from Great Britain choose America for travel. Of course, megacities attract them – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, and natural attractions – such as Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon. But Orlando, Florida, gets the palm. The sun shines here for more than three hundred days a year. It is so lacking for the inhabitants of Foggy Albion. And the amount of entertainment rolls over;
  • Australia does not go unnoticed by the younger generation of Britons. This continent is of great interest to them due to its exotic nature and active social and cultural life in Sydney and Melbourne. It is impossible not to mention their favorite beach holiday, for example, in Cairns, with its comfortable climate and sandy beaches of the Coral Sea. The Great Barrier Reef located there is a legend among divers, and there are enough of them among the “prim” Englishmen. So are the surfers who are drawn to the Gold Coast, famous for its towering waves. Besides, the resort is renowned for its amusement parks, vibrant nightlife in restaurants and casinos, which add points to the eyes of young people around the world, and the British are no exception.

And it would be strange if the inhabitants of Britain bypassed the tourist attention of there, in fact, their closest neighbor – France. Of course, they go there too. But Normandy is not the most popular – although, it would seem, cross the English Channel – and here it is. So, the British are fond of the city of love. But not because of this wonderful feeling! They are not going to Paris for a romantic getaway. And not because of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, or other attractions. Whole families come there because of the “mecca” of all children in the world – Disneyland! With it, nothing can compete in popularity, not only among young people but also among adult Britons.

Vacation In A Camper

English families with children who like to travel a lot buy special vans on wheels. They are attached to the back of a passenger car and can serve as a temporary home during the holidays. Inside, such a structure is equipped with all the amenities: a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and electrical appliances. British call them caravan cars. They significantly save the family budget, as you do not have to pay for hotel or hotel rooms.

Finally: Length Of Vacation In The UK

On average, every Briton can take several weeks of vacation twice a year: two weeks in the summer and two weeks in the winter. The British traditionally spend their winter holidays with family or friends. Those who love outdoor activities leave for ski resorts, where they celebrate Christmas and New Year.