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The diversity of fashion is one of the reasons it is so intriguing. How different tribes and cultural idiosyncrasies can influence what one wears and how it is worn. Fashion is a way of self-expression for different individuals. Apart from the varied trends that we get caught up in, our traditional attire should never lose its essence. Clothing is a huge part of fashion apart from the accessories that complement it. The reason why you can not talk about fashion without highlighting the role it plays in embodying fashion. 

The Indians

The Indians are the second most populous nation in the world. This Asian country comprises over six hundred tribes with their distinct fashion inclinations. However, one thing is certain of every Indian dress according to the climate, ethnicity, geography, and cultural traditions of India’s different regions.

You can not talk about diversity without talking about the Indian fashion industry. Quite replete it is in cultural traditions that date back to thousands of years. Indians are known to be very indigenous in their practices, especially how they express themselves fashionably. Here we look at interesting details about Indian clothing that will astonish you. 

Surprising Clothing Details 


  • Embroidery: This is the art of designing a clothing material with yarn or thread using a needle. Indian embroidery as seen in nihal fashions mostly incorporates pearls, sequins, beads, and quills. Indians mostly use this craft to decorate their clothing. Although an age-old method of detailing, the Indians still carry this one to date. 
  • The material is more important than the design: The Indians pride in the availability of rich fabric available in their country. The details paid attention to in fabric production are more intricate than what the fabric will be used for. This is why the Indians have one of the most beautiful fabrics you can ever find. Fashion entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike swarm the Indian market for a taste of these distinct materials Indians are blessed with.
  • Sarees: Sarees are also known as Sari. It is a famous Indian attire for women. This female clothing is a culture code for the Indians and is an attire that has drawn people from other parts of the world to its adoption. Sarees are sensual, stylish, classy, and highlight one’s femininity. Although the sarees are popular in India and outside India, one surprising thing about it is how it never goes out of style. It stays relevant in whatever nation it is used. The Indians carry this culture of wearing careers wherever they go. 
  • Versatility: Indian attire is surprisingly limited for a nation that is the second largest in the world. However, this limited attire can be used for various occasions without any feeling of being inappropriate. From the Kurti to the salwar kameez, lehenga and sarees, these beautiful clothing are suitable for all occasions. 


The Indian fashion industry has existed since time immemorial but is still flourishing and contributing to the world’s fashion industry. Each design has intricate details that showcase the depth and richness of Indian culture, and maybe this is why they are so limited and quite expensive. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Indian fashion is one to be reckoned with as it isn’t common to see clothing that showcases an entire culture so delicately.