Edible Gifts Everyone Will Surely Love

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Edible gifts don’t get as much attention as they should. The right foods can penetrate someone’s heart in a way that words cannot. And no, the recipient doesn’t have to be a foodie to enjoy them. 

Here are our top 9 favorite edible gifts:

1.  Chocolate

Chocolate is perhaps the most versatile edible gift you can buy.  The present is perfect for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc. It’s also one of the best sympathy gifts you can give. The best part? Almost everyone loves chocolate.

Chocolate doubles up as a healthy edible too. Studies show that dark chocolate is very nutritious. It contains minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, fiber, and selenium. It’s also rich in antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. The edible will improve the giftee’s blood pressure, cholesterol profile and deliver other medical benefits

Another benefit of chocolate is that it is very affordable yet luxurious. You can get a great collection of chocolate truffles without leaving a significant dent in your bank account. 

2.  Cheese

There are many variants of cheeses out there, each coming with a distinctively rich flavor. We have the popular Mozzarella, which traces its origin to Italy. The versatile cheese can be used on pizzas, salads, and vegetables. 

You may also want to consider other delicious varieties like cheddar, Emmental, Parmigiano, Peta, gouda, and mascarpone, just to mention a few.

Buy a package that comes with different types of cheese to spoil your giftee with different flavors.

Just like chocolate, cheese also delivers numerous health benefits. Reports show it can strengthen bones and teeth, support muscle growth, fight obesity, and prevent diabetes.

3.  Edible Clothes

Yeap, you read that right! Edible clothes are a thing, and they make great whimsical presents. They are the perfect gift for a fashionista or anyone else with a wild sense of humor.

The best thing about edible clothes is buyers have plenty of options to choose from. You can get naughty with a candy g string or pull a comical surprise on your crush with a burger air max sneaker.

Some of the other edible apparel available on the market at the moment are spaghetti dresses, macaroon necklaces, chocolate shoes, chocolate earrings, passion fruit undies, chocolate thongs, meatball necklaces, bread slippers, salad dress, etc. The opportunities are endless

4.  Ice Cream

Ice cream gift basket conveys the message of love as clearly as you want it to. The creameries selling the baskets allow you to customize the ice cream as much as you want by providing varied options on cones, toppings, syrup, etc. This is your opportunity to impress the giftee by showing how you’re good at remembering the little details about them.

Most creameries will also let you provide a personal note to accompany your present. 

Besides the savory ice creams, these baskets typically ship with other items like a scoop and bowls. These will serve as a timeless reminder of your thoughtfulness. 

5.  Pickles

Pickles are a fun and budget-friendly gift. You can buy some pickles for as little as $5. 

If a one-time shipment is not impressive enough, go ahead and set up a monthly subscription which typically costs less than $50 per month. The subscription will deliver a peck of pickles to your giftee every month. The most interesting part? Stores usually change the type of pickles with each delivery, so your giftee will always be looking forward to that monthly surprise.

6.  Hot Sauce

Do you have that friend who adds hot sauce to everything? Well, why don’t you buy them this present which supplies a variety of perfectly curated flavors to spice the food without burning their mouth off? And if they claim to love a challenge, call their bluff by buying some of the hottest hot sauce made of capsaicin extract

Hot sauce gifts are available as a set and single units, so it shouldn’t be hard finding something that’s within your budget. A few retailers also provide subscription options where deliveries are made on monthly or quarterly shipments. These subscriptions may also mix and change the flavors in each delivery to keep things spicy. 

7.  Bacon

The perfect edible for any bacon lover. Treat your friend’s taste buds to a new set of premium bacon prepared by some of the best kitchens in the game. 

Get them signature savory bacon smoked with real wood for a rich and authentic salty flavor.

8.  Bagels

Also known as cement doughnut due to their crispy exterior, Bagels are amazing edibles that will make your loved one smile. Originally, bagels were baked without any eggs. However, the techniques have evolved over the years to include eggs and other ingredients like spices, fruits, and herbs. This means buyers have more varieties to choose from. 

Add a gift message to the assortment, and the bagels will be shipped to the recipient while they are still warm and fresh.

Edibles make great gifts but take note of the expiration date, especially when it comes to delicate items like bacon.

9. Fathers Day Flowers

Manly Man Co is that little bit different in fact perfect for fathers day, your dad doesn’t want flowers as such he wants something he can get his teeth into and the website does not disappoint if you visit their website you will see snacks from Beef Jerky flowers to  Bacon Roses, yes Bacon Roses, all amazing… I bet you are now! intrigued and want a slice of jerky…

A perfect present on Father’s Day? Others would recommend masculine blooming flowers. But you can be extra unique with an edible beef jerky bouquet. The petals are 100% beef and with these tasty flavors – original, teriyaki, hot and mixed, you can’t be wrong. In fact, you’re incredibly right to give your dad this gift. A jerky bouquet which you can purchase on www.ManlyManCo.com is set in a special black edition and arrives assembled. This makes your exciting surprise an amazing gift of all the years for your dad.