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House parties are the preference of many people who want to have an intimate setting, a formal gathering, or just a spacious area to entertain a large number of guests. Scotland has many gorgeous cottages that can serve the purpose of any kind of party. A lot of planning and decision-making goes into throwing a house party. The biggest decision is choosing a place with an atmosphere that suits the occasion and also looks great in the party photos, whether it’s a wedding reception or any other occasion. Once you have the important details of your party like the number of guests and the theme or simply the general vision of what it would look like, you should consider these top party houses in Scotland.

1.  Pebble Beach

Set on a beautiful pebble beach in the Milton of Culloden, the Pebble Beach cottage enjoys stunning views over Inverness, Kessock Bridge, and the Black Isle. It’s one of the best party houses in Scotland with a light and airy atmosphere, contemporary interior, and hot tub. The best thing about this cottage is that you can have it all: in-house entertainment, privacy, and city fun just 3.5 miles away. Some of its prominent features are a barbeque hut right on the beach and plenty of space inside for dancing. This feature on Pebble Beach sounds like the perfect cottage for a barbeque party followed by a dip in the hot tub. The cottage can accommodate 10 people to sleep in comfortably.

2.  East Powbridge

East Powbridge is one of the greatest Large Holiday Homes Scotland that are ideal for group gatherings. Situated on the edge of the enchanting village of Tibbermore, this party house has 4 bedrooms and sleeps 8 people with stylish furnishing that is perfect for a cozy get-together with friends and loved ones. It also features a beautiful garden with lots of space and privacy, a games room, and a modern dining area for a sophisticated dinner party. While you’re in East Powbridge, don’t miss out on exploring the stunning Perthshire countryside where you can take relaxing walks, go golfing, cycling, or take part in water sports.

3.  Old Milton

Old Milton is another ideal party house in Scotland – perfect for large groups and rowdy celebrations. This party lodge mixes between rural and modern atmospheres with vast green spaces outdoors and refined decor inside. The dining area is perfect for a celebratory meal and there’s a private hot tub area. On-site entertainment includes a fully maintained nine-hole golf course and an all-weather tennis court. The living areas are spacious and ideal for entertaining guests, and there’s also a space for children’s entertainment so you can keep the party going.

There you have it, our top 3 picks for party houses in Scotland. Of course, there’s a wide range of cottages all over Scotland you can choose from. All you have to do is determine what kind of party you need to throw, which facilities and amenities you’ll need the cottage to have, then research for the perfect party house. Whichever party house you choose, make sure it’ll be comfortable and welcoming that your guests never want to leave!