How to prepare for rehab in a pandemic

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The pandemic has been a worst case scenario for many people struggling with addiction. Almost overnight, they could no longer attend AA or NA meetings, go to in-person therapy sessions, or meet with fellow sober friends.

Now, they were confined to their homes. Some folks were grappling with extreme isolation, while parents now had to try to cope with the stress of balancing remote learning and work.

With all these factors, it’s not hard to understand why people had a hard time staying sober this past year.

Now, with the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us, many people are wanting to jump back into their lives — which means kicking their addiction for good.

Today, going to rehab looks different than it did a year ago. Follow these tips to make your treatment planning as smooth and low stress as possible.

Bless your anxiety

Many of us have experienced varying amounts of anxiety around COVID-19. And you know what? That’s okay.

It’s okay that you ask your rehab extra questions about their disinfectant process.

It’s okay that you may find your heartrate picking up when you’re waiting at the airport security line.

You’re okay for feeling this anxiety. Don’t wish it away or feel embarrassed. Acknowledging your anxiety and giving it space will offer more relief than you may realize.

Find a quality rehab program

You may be tempted to simply go down the street to your local treatment facility Rehab in hawaii. Before doing that, truly vet the program.

  • Do they offer your preferred treatment style?
    • 12 Step or Non 12 Step?
  • Do they have additional services to assist in your healing?
    • Like acupuncture? Nutritional therapy? Yoga?
  • How are they going to help you change your behavior?
    • Will they give you specific examples of the tools they teach you?
  • Can you detox on site?

Take some time to think about what you want out of your recovery experience. You’ve been stuck in the same place for a year — could it be conducive to your mental health to travel for treatment?

Will you get motivation from talking to your family every day? Do you want to be able to check your work emails? If so, make sure you choose an executive rehab where you can stay connected to your work and family.

There are many factors to consider when finding the best treatment program for you. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve because it’s convenient.

Author Bio:

JF Benoist was frustrated with traditional addiction treatment, so he turned the model on its head.

Benoist founded The Exclusive Hawaii, a non 12 step holistic rehab. He created a new therapeutic methodology, Experiential Engagement Therapy (EET). He authored the bestselling self-help book,  Addicted to the Monkey Mind.

Benoist’s specialty is teaching people how to quiet that negative voice in their head — and instead develop a powerful new mindset that creates long-lasting change.