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Over the past few years, there has been a serious uprise in cryptocurrency popularity and with that, people are wanting more information. As with any successful thing, there is plenty of controversy, confusion, and hypocrites entering the scene and of course, not all of them are particularly needed. There have been myths and topics created and people who are new on the scene are definitely cautious and rightfully so.

There is nothing wrong at all with being cautious, in fact, that is an awesome thing. However, Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency can actually be a great investment and while there are certainly downsides, there is a lot to celebrate about it as well. Whether you know a little or a lot, there is always lots to learn about the massive number of cryptocurrencies around right now. To help you gain a better understanding, we have compiled two topics of hot discussion that have either caused controversy or are just a topic of interest.

Let’s get into it!


How many cryptocurrencies are there?

Since Bitcoins inception in 2009, one after the other, there have been hundreds of cryptocurrencies following in its path and creating a new form of investment. This means that every day, people are working hard to create other cryptocurrencies in the hope that they will be as equally successful as Bitcoin has been. As of 2021, there is said to be over 6,000 forms of cryptocurrency available to the public, however, not all of them are as widely known about and successful as the others.

This number is always fluctuating, so while I’m writing this article, the number could have gone up and down, cryptocurrency is volatile after all and some just don’t have the staying power.


Is cryptocurrency safe?

The answer to this mainly depends on what you mean by safe because as far as security goes, cryptocurrencies are definitely very safe. All of the cryptocurrencies available are encrypted and are run through intelligent blockchain technologies so they cannot be counterfeited or spent twice. Almost all of them are anonymous too which means that when you buy, sell, and trade with it you aren’t doing it through your bank account.

Many of the associated apps such as the Bitcoin Up App that can be accessed through the Bitcoin Up Login are also very safe and can guide you on your Bitcoin journey. There are also many other little helpers out there in the form of crypto apps and programs which are also safe, just do your research first.


The bottom line

These two things are some of the most heated topics of discussion at the moment, so hopefully, the answers have provided you with some sort of peace of mind. If you see Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency as a form of investment as dangerous, perhaps it isn’t the best investment for you right now, however, big changes are said to be coming. This means that maybe you shouldn’t look at ruling