paisley from drone

As if the cold weather at this time of year wasn’t enough to keep us inside, the new lockdown which Nicola Sturgeon has introduced means that we’ll all be seeing an awful lot more of our family and our four walls for the foreseeable future. This would often be the time of year when pubs would be full of locals seeking a wee dram to keep the cold at bay, but this sadly will not be an option for us, at least not for a while.

There are still many options to keep yourself busy at home, and here are a few ideas.

Playing Some Games

Thankfully we live in a world where we have an abundance of great games to play, both traditional games and computer games. Now usually something like this would be dubbed as a waste of time, but given that we have nothing but time it is a good time to have some fun. Jigsaws, Cluedo and Monopoly are all good games to play, so too are card games. If you are heading onto the computer then you can play some retro games from the Sega and Nintendo generation, or head to Casimba and have a go on some digital slot machines, you could even win some cash.

Laying Foundations

If we seek to put a positive spin on this then it will be from the following angle, consider this as a momentary pause in life, one which you may not get again. What we mean by this is that things have either slowed down or stopped for so many of us, and instead of being concerned about those things which we can no longer do, let’s look at this as an opportunity. Now is a great time to lay foundations, to consider what we would like to do in our lives once this is all over, and to map it out and start making plans. This could be a trip abroad, a new fitness goal or perhaps even starting your own business. This is the ideal time to get something like this underway.


There are still some tradesmen and women working in the Paisley area, and across Renfrew, and whilst it is good to support them if you are able to, if you are not then you could look at getting your hands dirty and have a go at some DIY. Perhaps there is a chair to breathe new life into or a table to be made, now is the time to have a go and doing it yourself. The likes of B&Q are still open so you will be able to go out and get some supplies for what you need. If you don’t want to leave the house then you could always order online, and then roll those sleeves up and have a go at the project.

This will be tough for a couple of months more yet, let’s just take every day as it comes and like always, we’ll get through this.